Unraveling Sibayak a Mountain Full of Mystery In North Sumatra, Indonesia

Netgenz - Destinations North Sumatra | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of North Sumatra, namely Unraveling Sibayak a Mountain full of mystery in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Natural attractions themselves are a suitable place to spend vacation time and unwind from daily activities, especially for someone who doesn't like crowds. Mountlah is a very suitable place and highly recommended for climbers who want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Considering that Aceh Province itself is no less interesting than its natural destinations, read the Destinations in Aceh. And more about the Best Tourist Places in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Here Is Unraveling Sibayak a Mountain full of mystery in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Unraveling Sibayak a Mountain full of mystery in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Unraveling Sibayak a Mountain full of mystery in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Mount Sibayak is a mountain that is often conquered by climbers, Mount Sibayak which is located in Roh Gunung Village, Merdeka District, Karo Regency, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) is one of the tourist destinations for local and foreign tourists. Behind this mountain are mysteries that many people rarely know about. On Mount Sibayak there is an area that is sacred by the residents, around the mountain is known as Deleng Pertekteken, this area is considered a sacred place and is the residence of someone who has a high level of medical knowledge at that time.

It is said that this teacher is quite proficient in medicine so that people who are dying can be cured, because of that he is famous throughout Aceh and around Medan. Long story short, the teacher once swore and devoted all the knowledge he had, so he forgot to take care of his two daughters, Tandang Suasa and Tanda Kumerlang, who died of illness. Most disappointingly, he also couldn't find the bodies of his two favorite girls, so Pertawar Remai's teacher cursed himself, thinking that his knowledge was useless because other people could be treated, while his own son couldn't.

Angry and annoyed with himself, the teacher threw away all the knowledge he had. In her oath, full of remorse for forgetting her two children, she would not use magic and drugs for someone else's use. The location is now called Deleng Pertekteken, according to the story of the people around the mountain, the impact of the knowledge that the teacher threw away at the location, makes anything that crosses Lau Sibiangsa will fall to the ground.

Until now, many people still believe in the story. Until now, some of the surrounding community still carry out ceremonies at that location and giving offerings such as entering the month of Suro or Muharram. Although Mount Sibayak is true quite a beautiful panorama, behind the beauty, there is folklore that is quite phenomenal. So phenomenal about the incident of getting lost and the disappearance of tourists when climbing Mount Sibayak, until the crash of a plane while crossing the Pertektekan location is associated with that story.

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