Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 8 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

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Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 8 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 8 English Subtitles

Hyunsoo awakened to find a giant that was towering back and was also angrier than before. Gilson did their best to help, they threw Molotovs at the monster, so he started bleeding from his nose. The creature looms over the two of them as Gilseob seems about to have such a terrible ending. Thankfully, he survived because Jikyung rammed him with a fire truck into the monster.

That wasn't the end of it even though the creature tried to overturn the truck and destroy it as well. Sangwook did his best to free Yuri from the car, while Jikyung acted as a necessary diversion to save the others to save themselves. With the creature suffering very serious burns, Jikyung hit it repeatedly with the fire engine and also managed to save them all.

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Back inside, Jaehun watched while Eunhyeok finished his operation and left his fate to Jisu himself. With the external threat gone, the team re-enters when Jikyung's fire truck supplies the group with essential clean water. Gilson berates Yuri for leaving, although thanks to Jikyung he now has his own inhaler. Jaehun temporarily returned to his old habits and continued to drink alcohol. Sangwook knows all about demons and sits in front of him, reassuring Jaehun not to despair.

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Hyunsoo woke up, Jikyung confronted him and also asked when his first symptoms appeared on him. She explains to him that she just wants to live as usual. Ironically, considering what he went through as well as his suicidal thoughts in his past. Jikyung admitted he met the soldiers and also told them about Hyunsoo, that's the question. After that, he takes a shower where guilt threatens his life.

The soldiers promised to let him go and explained a lot about Sangwon's exchange for bringing Hyunsoo to the army. After giving him a tracker to find out their location, they let him go because Hyunsoo might be the key to their survival to survive. Sunyoung explained that he was infected, the group unanimously chose to keep him indoors. There is a sense of camaraderie among these survivors, but the residents put them in isolation only on the safest side.

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Sunyoung's current departure, other residents tell each other scary stories during the incident. But a runaway soldier appeared in the apartment block and started convulsing and also coughing up blood. Hyunsoo spoke openly to Eunyoo who admitted he had given up on ballet and also taught him how to do his hand movements. This small act of kindness was enough for Hyunsoo to start cutting his hair.

It was a symbolic gesture, signifying that he cut off all his pain as well as the sadness he had felt over the years of his life. Jisoo woke up from surgery and now she is recovering. This soldier is starting to wake up. He was clearly shaken and his radio rattling, he grew more and more erratic. Realizing their SOS message might not be a good idea, Sangwook and Hyunsoo went to stop him. On their way down, they saw the security guard on the elevator descending with a gun in his hand.

Hyunsoo immediately got down, to try to stop him when flies swarmed over his face. Jaehun was there stopping him as the two-faced each other. But Jaehun lost his arm in the ensuing battle. His sword blade was cut off too, Jaehun stumbled forward grabbing the security guard, stabbed him in the chest, and held him back. Sacrificing himself, he grabs a guard to keep it in the elevator, asking the others to make a fire into the elevator. In the end, Eunhyeok did that when Jaehun died because he was surrounded by fire.

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