Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 7 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

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Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 7 English Subtitles

Downstairs, the group immediately joined the car and on takeoff, instantly a lot of monsters surrounded them. Jaehun and Jisoo worked together when Eunhyeok was driving the car. Gilson and his flamethrowers were enough to thwart the threat even though the place turned into a gruesome monster graveyard. Upstairs, Eun-you gathers an army telling them that they need to work together and take advantage of the trap to try and thwart the threat from the monster.


While they were at it, Doosik did his best to hold the creature above him, who saw sharp tentacles stabbing his leg out of trouble. With flaming Molotov in hand, the group burned the creature long enough for Doosik to crawl away to safety and Hyunsoo to jump and shock the creature with his sharp spear at such high voltage.

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After saving their lives, the group valued Hyunsoo a bit more and immediately apologized for locking him up in the first place. Meanwhile, Yuri spoke to Sangwook who finally swallowed his pride and also let him treat his wound. He was also in a very bad state, especially when he took off his shirt to reveal the blood-red stains as well as the green tape on his body. After that, the group all sat while eating, but Hyunsoo and Sangwook firmly distanced themselves from the main population, Gilseob immediately joined them.

He shows off a scar on his stomach and tries to find something in common between the two. With the water tank contaminated, the group realizes they have a very serious problem. In the basement, Eunhyeok and Doosik check the damage to their car and try to come up with a plan to get out of the place and also grab resources before it's too late. But panic and fear overtook Seungwan when he started screaming crazily and desperately about the situation they were in. Thankfully Gilseob talked to Seung-wan, followed by a quick punch from Sangwook too.

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While this is happening, Jikyung is released from her ordeal by the soldiers. He was told those who survived the monster infection known as the "Special Infection". Returning to the apartment complex, the group bands together and executes their survival plan. Jisu played his guitar while Hyunsoo listened to the song Jisu was playing. Jaehun drank soju, while Sangwook immediately apologized to Seungwan for hitting him. However, Jisu took a turn for the worst not long after he suddenly fainted.

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It turned out that Jisu had suffered from appendicitis. He needed surgery and also with few sterile equipment or doctors on-site, things were looking bleak. Yeri volunteers to help as the group prepares for an operation against Jisu. Outside the room, Eunhyeok warns Hyunsoo that if something goes wrong then he too should go and find the resources they need are running low. The group is now basically divided into two, with some of the residents holding on to try to save Jisu from his illness.

When Hyunsoo gathered in the car, he recalled important moments from his past, childhood was full of bullying and regret. Although the bullying stopped when his father got involved, his old friend blamed him for his misery which is why Hyunsoo took Stanley's knife to cut his wrist. He feels guilty and also believes he has no purpose to survive. At this time, Hyunsoo was preparing to face the outside world but the giant creature hit the side of Hyunsoo's car, causing the car to fall.

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