Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 6 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

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Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 6 English Subtitles

In Sangwook's past, when he was hired to take down or kill Seung-Jae. Although at first Sangwook refused, the image of the young girl and Father having both passion and sorrow for him changed his mind. In the present, Sangwook was holding Yuri's neck, when he woke up with a start. Sangwook immediately let him go but it was clear his team was torn as to whether he should be allowed to live in the apartment block or not.

Jin-ok is so grateful, he hands her a necklace to thank him for helping her. Sangwook's last act to free himself from Seungjae's memory was to bury the key in the ground beside the two graves. Considering he was paid to find the girl, Sangwook felt a sense of guilt, so much so that he even asked Jaehun to pray on his behalf.

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When most of the residents set traps, Jikyung went outside alone. Here we go back to June to see him at work, also teasing the head of Doctor Sangwon. This man happens to be her fiancé and also in a flashback in July, she saw Jikyung asking for trivial things to return to the fire to look for victims. When he refused the honor, he gave up his badge and also resigned from his job.

Presently, Jikyung is racing on his bicycle as Eunhyeok and Jaehun sit and talk. It turns out that Jaehun used to be an alcoholic but he turned more religious which helped him through the dark times of his life. Currently, residents apply 3 simple rules for survival where they must move in pairs and also check the temperature at 8 o'clock every night.

Although the majority of the population agreed to the rule, Doosik was not happy with the way Hyunsoo was used as a weapon. Currently, Hyunsoo was used as an errand boy, heading to a different room to gather what the residents wanted. Meanwhile, Sukhyun turned into a monster with his hair falling to the floor. He walked forward little by little, before asking his wife to kill him. Sunyoung complied and repeatedly slammed the iron pipe on his head so that he died quickly and didn't kill everyone.

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The years of abuse, both mental and physical, all come in one fell swoop: revenge. Jikyung arrives at Sangwon's office and it's revealed that Crucru's blog actually belongs to him. He was now writing a report on this curse and when he read the words he wrote, he immediately looked up to find a soldier standing beside him. They caught him taking Jikyung away from the place.

Returning to the apartment, Hyunsoo suffered from a demon in his mind. When he woke up, Eunyoo happened to be watching him and also noticed the scar on his arm. He helped take care of her and in the end, left the plaster to finish the job herself. Eunhyeok went into the room and talked to him about the monster's situation.

He wanted them to try and figure out how to survive and also at the moment they weren't sure how long it would take to fully turn into monsters. Meanwhile, Jikyung is lifted from the ceiling by the troops who question her about what she reads. Instead, Jikyun tried to bargain with them and also promised to show them someone who refused to turn into a monster.

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Hyunsoo lost the battle against the infection when he dangled upside down from the ceiling and also turned himself into a monster. Residents immediately dropped it but it was the last problem for them. The lightning beast previously glowed out of the trap and chased the group down in the dungeon. The licking creature chased one of the children through the hall before Doosik appeared with his gun ready to shoot the monster.

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