Synopsis Sweet Home kdrama Episode 5 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

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Synopsis Sweet Home K-Drama

Synopsis Sweet Home K-Drama 

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 5 English Subtitles

Eunhyeok contacted Hyunsoo and brought him out of the isolation. It turned out that he would be doing such a dangerous job from now on, and that would also include finding Doosik and saving him from his predicament. As he cuts back to Doosik, he's conferring in the bathroom, the task becoming visibly difficult as he recalls Myungsook's story about his daughter. In the end, he decided to close the door and remain silent in the bathroom.

Eunhyeok supports Sangwoon because he has the determination to return to the main area of ​​​​the apartment building. When opening the locked door, Hyunsoo held back, while Sangwook continued to advance. Eunhyeok's words weighed heavily on him, especially when he asked Hyunsoo to save Doosik and that the children were his second child. It's pretty cold but something he worked on with Eunyoo, told him that Hyunsoo might be their strongest weapon to use in the upcoming battle.

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The previous vote was completely legal and also not at all staged as it was originally intended to be. As they talk, Eunseok mentions Crucru's blog that he saw in online magazines, specifically the post about "how is this really? it's not a disease but actually a curse". Upstairs, Sangwook and Hyunsoo were working together navigating the burning room, when a lightning monster with a throbbing orange heart came and started chasing those in the place. A girl armed with arrows, Yuri (Ko Yoon-Jung), and an elderly patient are ready to fight and interfere.

Sangwook went to room number 802 and picked out things from Seungjae. Using the key he swiped in the previous episode, Sangwook sees lots of photos of different kids getting beaten up and there's also their photo on the wall, the cupboard which is so disgusting. It is now clear why the man was beaten, just as badly as he was. Jisu, Hyunsoo, and the old man were able to reach the apartment that housed Doosik there. Inside, Hyunsook looked at the bag in the bathroom for himself and also thought about what to do next.

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Meanwhile, Sangwook rushed to the basement but was blinded by Seungjae, who hit his head with a hammer. Seungjae got his dessert, the moment when Sangwook smashed it. Dragging the lifeless body forward, he opened the window, then dropped the hammer and dragged Seungjae out. He closed the window but Eunhyeok was there, holding Seungjae.

In such a bold act, Sangwook drags Su-ung and Minju into the venue. The couple was given a proper burial when residents joined together and also paid their respects one last time. Behind this, Yikyung decides to deal with his devil, without any help. As he came out, the other residents pondered what it meant to be human and also whether this curse was just another evolutionary step.

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