Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home episode 4 English subtitles

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 4

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Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 4

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 4

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 4 Subtitle English

2 people died and the population fell apart, this episode begins with Jin-ok (Kim Hee-Jung) grieving, blaming Eunhyeok (Lee Do-Hyun) for what happened. Eunhyuk was also clearly shocked and she struggled to control the population's mood so it wouldn't get any worse. Meanwhile, Jisu (Park Gyu-young) and Jaehun (Kim Nam-hee) came out this morning, armed with makeshift shields made of wardrobe doors to protect themselves. Before they leave, Hyunsoo (Song Kang) decides to join them because they both thank him for saving them.

August 18th and there are already 4 days in confinement. Residents worked together carrying emergency boards and barricades for doors at the bottom. Yik Yung (Lee Si-young) has a close bond with the licking monster in the vent. Yikyung frees himself from the monstrous monster's tentacles but becomes trapped and he's away from his cell phone when Sangwok calls. Yik Yung returns to Eunhyeok but she scolds him, knowing that monsters are hiding around him.

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As Yik Yung staggered away, the attack sirens from the air roared. When they hear, that a lot is happening around Korea. News reports confirm that the military will be responsible for all security matters and protect the public. They weren't sure how this infection spread so quickly, but they knew some important details about the monster. These monsters have very fast regenerative abilities and are also very good.

But the soldiers made sure there was a moment dubbed the golden hour where the monsters could be killed by burning them. For now, it seems this is the only solution to stop their threat. Hyunsoo kept having nightmares before he woke up from Eunyook's room. Eunhyuk was there and he told Hyunsoo that things would get more difficult. The rudeness was exacerbated as they made their way to the main atrium where the occupants were.

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Suk Hyun wanted to get rid of Hyunsoo, seeing Hyunsoo as a threat to their livelihood, but they finally decided to choose his fate. This goes straight down to the cable as well until the last note confirming that it is invalid. And just like that Suk Hyun was infected and he was bleeding a lot from his nose. As he started to get up, he found himself isolated by Hyunsoo. Yik Yung found himself suffering from stomach pain.

As he tries to understand what happened, Jisu then comforts Jin-ok who is grieving over his son's death. Jisu immediately went to the bathroom to see there was a baseball bat. This brought him back memories of the past when he saw the boy who was helping him, who turned out to be the owner of the guitar. In the present, Sangwook continues the hunt and also finds the occupant of room number 802 that he tortured earlier. Sangwook beat him until the man ran away to get away from Sangwook, to convince the others, he had to endure it for now.

Sangwook saw Hyunsoo and Sukhyun in the same room as him. He faced Hyunsoo and also asked how he was able to turn into such a monster when Hyunsoo started to show his own concern. On top of the apartment, Doosik opened the bathroom door but found that there was a large pocket that seemed to hold a child inside. Doosik tightly gripped the Pistol in his hand, he was surprised at what he saw, and also he was considering his next move.

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