Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home episode 3 English subtitles

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 3

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Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 3

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 3

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 3 Subtitle English

It starts with a family trip back from the previous story, but this time Hyunsoo (Song-Kang) is in the car, telling his parents that they must all die. All of this must have been a nightmare for Hyunsoo, and when the shadow version of him stared back threateningly in the mirror, Hyunsoo was startled and immediately woke up from his bed. However, his eyes were still black.

This is made worse by another monster that comes rushing into the apartment, the monster destroys the walls and tries to take the children. Jaehun (Kim Nam-hee) and Jisu (Park Gyu-young) heard the commotion and stood behind Hyunsoo to try to defeat the giant monster. They dragged Hyunsoo to safety but seeing his blackened eyes instantly recovered. He asked both of them for help because of blood-stained Hyunsoo's mouth.

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But the monster was blind before the monster returned but the two children were able to save themselves before the monster took them. The two monsters started attacking each other and they were both distracted, the children immediately headed to room 1408. However, they were not alone even though the giant monster was chasing them, he stalked the monster even closer. Myungsook (Lee Bong-Ryung) arrives in a pram. But he smiled weakly, the monster hit his body. The group works together and can defeat the monsters with long enough time so that they can get to Doosik's (Kim Sang-ho) apartment. Myungsook seemed to be recovering and his black eye infection started to fade that Hyunsoo had.

Jaehyun led this huge monster to the window where it lunged at him and the monster fell. Sangwook immediately fixed his shoulders as he checked the news and also watched the broadcast regarding the current monster pandemic. Blood gushed out of the mouth, the president tried to maintain order but when he stumbled and started talking incoherently, the shot ended the broadcast. Of course, this will only create excessive panic.

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The panic started because Sukhyun (Woo Hyeon) locked himself in the store and refused to let other people enter the store. The occupant of room 802 appeared with a suitcase full of food. He immediately distributed the food to everyone but there were bloodstains on the layers. after that, he rang the alarm bell for some of the people he gave food to. Room number 1408, there is a team to take a break to think about their time together, there they ask each other what they will do next. Hyunsoo admitted that he was infected and made a pact with Jisu that if one of them turned around, then they would kill that person.

They all tried to survive the attack of the disease, when night fell, Eunhyeok tannoy in the morning and asked them all to go up to the safe first floor. But Jin-ok sees his daughter running towards the apartment block which leaves everyone confused about what she is doing near the front door. Su-ung immediately rushes out but the tentacles whip out and also stab him and Jin-ok's daughter, the monster sucking the life force from them, as they leave the group covered in blood.

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