Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home episode 2 English subtitles

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 2

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Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 2

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 2

Synopsis of Korean Drama Sweet Home Episode 2 Subtitle English

Hyunsoo (Hyun Soo) at 19 years old at home and also with a scar on his arm that seems to indicate his self-injury. He continues to play video games and ignores requests from his mother to go out with his family. His behavior clearly divided the family, but while they were arguing in the car, his father was bleeding profusely from his nose and then he passed out, then he crashed his car. As the only family surviving the accident, Hyunsoo was given 30 million won but berated the small amount of money he left behind.

Sweet Home Korean Drama Scene

Sweet Home Korean Drama Scene

At present, Sangwook (Lee Jin-Wook) is attacked in the hand by a maniacal girl he doesn't know. After biting her on the back, Sangwook beat the girl before leaving her in a gush of blood. Meanwhile, Su-ung helps Yikyung to remove the corpse from the hallway, and in the end, they send the photo to his family. But when in the basement, Jisu (Park Gyu-young) finds the security guard laughing and he also calls manager Han.

As blood spurted on his face, Jisu hit the man instinctively before Eunhyeok (Lee Do-Hyun) saved him from the ordeal. In the midst of the massacre, all the residents received an emergency message confirming what was happening outside at this time. When they checked the news, they had just realized that the disease was spreading across the country and they were now in damage control mode. The creature on the stairs was back on its feet, circling as it began to climb the stairs to the other occupants.

In the main atrium, the group gathers trying to figure out what to do when the incident occurs, and also contemplates whether they should all regroup on the 7th floor or not. A fight breaks out when everyone starts to disagree about the best option for the future. Sangwook's arrival changed the dynamics of the room. Remembering he had been bitten, the other occupants cowered away from Sangwok, before Sangwook was finally electrocuted until he passed out.

8 hours later, Hyunsoo continued to fight for his life not to bleed. Hyunsoo opened the internet and also he saw a lot of people talking about this disease and how they call it a curse. No one seems to know where this disease came from and also considering the speed at which this disease spreads so very quickly. It looks like they won't come up with a solution that won't result in many people dying. 

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However, the internet connection was cut off before he got a chance to research the disease for further study. Hyunsoo unknowingly let the creature into his room which looked more like a growing Gremlin. He seems to have very high hearing and also he lost half of his head. While Sangwook is tied up and also detained, Seung-wan (Woo Jung-kook) asks for Sukhyun's answer because he is their current interim leader. Armed with a knife and a gas mask, he went to stab Sangwook without any hesitation. 

Sangwook butted Sukhyun's face in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Jaehun (Kim Nam-hee) and Jisu find a beaten man in the elevator. Jaehun clearly knew that he was Sangwook's prisoner but for now decided not to say anything. Armed with a hammer, he joins them on a hunt to eradicate the diseased people. Elsewhere, another group member was contemplating whether he should leave and either move to a daycare center or stay there for a while.

Even though the director, Jin-ok was against this idea, Eunhyeok closed the argument and in the end, he walked away from her. In one of the rooms, a resident hanged himself bringing back bad memories for Jisu, when he saw his face he remembered from his past doing the same thing. Whoever it was, they left a note telling him the guitar was his now. Hyunsoo had made a good decision, he dared to help the residents in the lower apartment block.

A giant eyeball clings to the tentacle and aims towards the building and envelops it. This coincidentally gave his neighbor Doosik (Kim Sang-ho) enough time to break the eyeball and save Hyunsoo before it was too late. Together, they decide to work and save the children. Knowing his cellphone can attract monsters, he prepares to go out and meet Doosik at his apartment.

Turns out he's in a wheelchair and has a pretty good set of tools to use against the monster. He warned Hyunsoo about how to deal with the monster, he immediately encouraged him to play more tactically. It is played in the form of a ball which is used as a distraction for the half-headed gremlin monster. Hyunsoo slipped behind the creature and he shocked it with a spear.

Suk Hyun temporarily walked into the convenience store at Yikyung's place by chance he was there. The food in the shop really only had a few left and both Yikyung and Eunhyeok noticed that. In fact, the two were looking for a way to share food and be made to survive, if they were to be stuck there for a while. Suk Hyun doesn't want to share any food.

Meanwhile, Hyunsoo attacks in the hallway and can reach the two children as they realize their father is dead. But things took a turn for the worse when Hyunsoo's condition worsened and he was bleeding profusely from his nose. Only time did Hyunsoo's eyes turn black.

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