What is Bandwidth and Function of Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth?

Netgenz.com - Computer and Internet | Bandwidth is one of the most vital parts of sending out information packages in the network because all sending out tasks (consisting of information transmission and transmission) can use this element for work. To find out how bandwidth works, the functioning concept of bandwidth coincides with bandwidth, therefore if bandwidth is the limit for sending out information packages, the bandwidth will limit the maximum capacity for sending out information packages in the network.

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Eventually, the bandwidth capacity of the interaction network will affect network efficiency. However, of course, various other factors influence it, such as waiting time, package loss, and so on. When we connect to a network, the variety of accesses that are normally set up is limited. The bigger the defined bandwidth, the greater the information capacity that can be transmitted.

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What is Bandwith

LAN Bandwith

What is the Function of Bandwidth?

Aside from simply determining the information transmission consumption, there are many functions of bandwidth in computer system networks. The following are some of the bandwidth functions in the network:

1. Bandwidth as a tool for sending out information packages

When we use a LAN cable television or cordless network, the bandwidth will be used as a link line to connect the information transmission process.

2. Bandwidth as a transmission speed limiter 

Network managers use bandwidth to limit information move rates to avoid burglary.

3. Bandwidth as an information transmission speed limiter

Aside from functioning as a rate limiter, the transmission bandwidth can also be used to limit the speed of sending out information packages, so if we just limit it to 2 GB, when we send out information packages that exceed the defined limit, we'll not have the ability to. to proceed to send out information packages.

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How do I inspect bandwidth?


Speedtest.net is one of the most recognized internet speed mosaic websites. You're connected to a steady Internet link and can visit the Speedtest.net website. Most likely to the speestest.net website and select the "Start" option in the center of the web page to begin the Internet speed test. Speedtest.net will determine your present Internet speed in real-time. Wait on the computation outcomes to finish. Speedtest.net can also be used to inspect internet speed on iOS, Android, and Home windows variations.

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