Understanding VGA Card and Its Functions

Understanding VGA Card and Its Functions

Netgenz - Computer and internet | VGA card or we often hear Video Graphic Adapter Card is one of the components that is fairly important, especially for gamers so that the display or graphics is very good and any game can match, then this requires a VGA card of good or high quality. Likewise, for friends - friends who are struggling in the field of multimedia or video editing, it is very necessary for a VGA card that is sufficient for this, so that computer performance is smooth and more optimal without any interference or obstacles. Why is that? The following below Super z will explain in a simple and easy to understand what is a VGA card and its functions and how to install it.

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VGA Card and Its Functions

Understanding VGA Card and Its Functions

Definition of VGA Card

VGA Card is computer hardware that plays a role or operates in processing code information generated by the motherboard and then channeled to the monitor so that the monitor can produce graphics or display information on the computer. In other words, if a PC without a VGA card will not appear on the monitor, graphic information generated from the motherboard itself will not appear.

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In general, computers have a VGA card that is integrated or embedded in the motherboard or CPU / processor, for this type of VGA card is often called VGA On Board or On-Board Video, while VGA cards embedded in the CPU are called Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

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The advantage of using an embedded or default VGA card is that it saves more costs because there is no need to buy an additional VGA card. It's simpler and more energy-efficient. This type of VGA card is suitable for those of you who do not need high-quality graphics.

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But it is possible for friends who want to add a VGA card because they want to have a much better and higher performance than the VGA card that is embedded in your computer. Because each type of motherboard has provided a place or socket for a VGA card.

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VGA Card Function

VGA Card has the function of processing graphic information on the computer such as rendering 2D and 3D graphics, decoding MPEG-2/MPEG4. Not only that, but the VGA card also functions to connect the CPU to a monitor or several monitors. (multi-monitor). VGA card also has a sound card so that it can produce sound output to connected devices such as TVs.

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The VGA card must also be connected to the CPU and monitor because only the VGA card can process data from the CPU and then display the screen on the monitor.

Especially for those of you who like to play games or who are struggling in the world of graphic design and editing, this is very much needed so that computer performance is more optimal and does not interfere or get stuck by adding an additional VGA card that has good quality. VGA card itself increases all the capabilities of your computer system because the VGA card has Random access memory, power regulator, cooler in its own graphics information.

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