Types of Partitions on the Hard Drive

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Types of Partitions on the Hard Drive

A hard disk is a hardware device on a computer that is a storage medium in computer operation. Its use is usually we divide the capacity into several parts, these parts are called hard disk partitions. The goal is to make it easier to manage existing capacity so that it is used more efficiently.

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Partitions on the Hard Drive

Types of Partitions on the Hard Drive

So, hard disk partitions are parts of hard disk space (capacity).

Several reasons make the division of hard disk space very important, here are some reasons:

  1. To facilitate the management of files and other data. For example, partition D is specifically for storing software and partition D is intended to store various files, partition E is for storing movies.
  2. Separating the operating system, if using more than 1 OS. Because one partition can't be used for two systems.
  3. Can speed up hard drive access, especially on large hard drives. Because it is divided into smaller parts to speed up the reading process.

The above are some of the advantages of dividing hard disk partitions, if you look at the partition table, we often see primary, extended, and logical. The third is the types of partitions used. The following is an abbreviated explanation of the types of partitions on the hard drive.

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Hard disk partition type (Primary, Extended, and Logical)

1. Primary Partition

The primary partition is the main partition on a hard disk. This partition is more intended as storage where the operating system on a computer is installed. The maximum number of partitions allowed is only four elements. If there is an Extended partition on the hard drive, then the primary use is reduced to 3 only.

2. Extended Partition

The Extended Partition is the primary partition on the hard drive. This partition does not handle data management directly but can modify data. You have to upgrade the logical partition first.

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3. Logical Partition

The logical partition is part of the extended partition. This type of partition is often used as data storage. The number can be more than four, more than the primary partition.

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