These are the 5 Most Favorite Kpop Artists - Netizenbuzz, Hello my friends at the netizen, on this occasion, we will discuss topics about Korea, namely about the 5 Most Favorite Kpop Artists in Indonesia. Which one admires / lover of pop artists, this is what I want to summarize the artists who are in great demand in Indonesia. Does anyone know, Kpop fans, if you don't know, I'll tell you.

These are the 5 Most Favorite Kpop Artists in Indonesia

1. BTS Takes First Place as Kpop Artist

BTS Army
BTS personnel, Where's Taehyung

How come BTS is in the first position??, Because BTS has a strategy in the social field, there BTS also makes social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course Youtube as a means of bringing artists closer to their fans. Their off-stage life is uploaded on IG live, such as silly behavior, videos of them chatting, videos of them chatting backstage, and so on. However, unexpectedly, actually holding back something like that actually brought the artist and his fans closer.

2. In the second position, BlackPink is also widely heard in Indonesia

Black Pink Personel
Blackpink personnel's

The second position is Blackpink, does anyone know why Blackpink can occupy the second position. This is the reason Because Lisa is from Southeast Asia. Influential or uninfluenced Lisa in BlackPink is very large, her fan base from Southeast Asia is abundant. Whereas there too, Kpop artists from Thailand are not just Lisa, there are Nichkhun, Minnie, Sorn, etc.

3. In the Top Three, There's DAY6


how come in third place DAY6, here's the reason. One proof that we are fans of our idols is by participating in fan projects which are usually held by a fanbase.
My Day Indonesia has proven its affection for DAY6, you guys. During the Gravity concert, they prepared a video that would be broadcast in the middle of the concert. And the video shows DAY6's journey from the past to the success it is today.

4. Red Velvet's Psycho song very popular

Anggota Red Velvet
Red Velvet

this is the reason why it got in fourth place, so it was discussed because it released a horror-Esque teaser some time ago, it turns out that the lyrics of the Psycho song tell the other side of someone's relationship which is often considered sweet, but is actually strange. So that's it, guys.!

5. EXO Takes Fifth Place

EXO personnel's

And this is the last of the reasons EXO is in the fifth position because the first EXO has impressive music. One of the things that have made EXO last for 7 years of career journey that has always captivated its fans, because it has types of music genres such as Hip Hop, Dance Pop, EDM, Electropop, to Ballads. The second one always comes back with a console that is cool and fresh and has a very stunning performance, until the is so excited, it's very elegant shoes.

Okay, Everyone, I think my discussion is complete enough, thank you for visiting our blog, all articles about the 5 Most Favorite Kpop Artists in Indonesia, Hopefully, it can be useful for readers of Indonesian netizens, especially for +62 residents who are the most beautiful wow, handsome. Mimin also has suggestions for K-Popers who like pop songs, you can click here, and also those who like to watch drama Korean sites, I suggest checking here. then a complete article on our blog.

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