The new weapons are 2 warships belonging to Iran

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The new weapons are 2 warships belonging to Iran

The new weapons are 2 warships belonging to Iran

The Iranian Navy currently has new weapons in the form of two warships, a destroyer, and a minesweeper. The ceremony for the handover of the two new warships was broadcast by Iranian state television on Monday, June 14, 2021.

"The Minister of Defense has supplied the two warships to the Islamic Republic of Iran (RII), the destroyer Dena and the minesweeper," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, as quoted by AFP.

the arrival of the two ships came shortly after Iran announced "for the first time" it was sending a small squadron of ships to the Atlantic Ocean to strengthen maritime capabilities.

The chief of staff of Iran's military said the Dena is a genuine domestically made destroyer equipped with a helicopter landing zone as well as various defense and weapon systems.

The Dena is designed to travel long distances and is capable of destroying all air and underwater targets. While the minesweeper Shahin has a length of not less than 33 meters and can "detect and neutralize various types of sea mines.

The Iranian Navy on June 2 lost one of its largest warships, the Kharg, which is known to have sunk in the Gulf of Oman. After being traced the battleship Kharg turned out to be sunk after being engulfed in flames that raged for hours.

The crew was successfully evacuated, but the cause of the fire is unknown. The Kharg is an armed tanker and cargo ship. The Kharg ship also serves as a fleet for training

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