The natural charm of the Sialang buah beach, of North Sumatra, Indonesia

Netgenz - Destinations North Sumatra | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of North Sumatra, namely the natural charm of the Sialang fruit beach of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Natural attractions themselves are a suitable place to spend vacation time and unwind from daily activities, especially for someone who doesn't like crowds, this place is perfect for him. And don't forget to read the Top 5 Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

This is the Natural Charm of Sialang Buah Beach, North Sumatra, Indonesia

The natural charm of the Sialang buah beach, of North Sumatra, Indonesia

The natural charm of the Sialang buah beach, of North Sumatra, Indonesia

Sialang Buah Beach is a beach located in the Mengkudu Bay District, more precisely in Sialang Buah Village. Sialang Buah Beach is approximately 60 kilometers from the center of Medan City. To go to the beach, you can use access in the form of 4-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles from Matapao Village so that the journey is easier and not too difficult to pass.

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Sialang Buah Beach

Sialang Buah Beach is a beach where you can hunt various kinds of fish that live there. There are also fish auctions where it's easier to get fish to eat. Because the atmosphere will be more complete and delicious when visiting the beach and burning fish at the location of the beach.

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Not only is the fish auction place highlighted for Sialang Buah Beach, but the very exotic beauty makes the beach favored by local and foreign tourists. To enter the Sialang Bbuah beach area, you only need to pay 5 thousand rupiahs per person. A very cheap price to enjoy an amazing beach panorama. The beach is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day. The beach is located or located on Jl. Sialang Buah Indah Beach, Sialang Buah Village, Kec. Mengkudu Bay, Kab. Serdang Bedagai.

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