The best collection of marvel studio films 2008-2012

The best collection of marvel studio films 2008-2012 - movie | The list of the best Marvel movies doesn't feel boring when you look back at it. Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe series was once 'made' for a short break in Avengers: Endgame, each film is still great to watch over and over again.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a media franchise created by Marvel Studios from the United States. The MCU shares a series of narratives about the life of a universe that has clashed with several superheroes as its core characters. The characters and some of the narration are taken from comic books created by Marvel Comics.

The list of the best Marvel movies from the MCU series has been launched since 2008, then continues to grow until now. Each film has other differences but is equally related to the previous and subsequent films. The launch of several MCU films is always eagerly awaited by viewers. Marvel really concentrates on the maturation of the narrative quality and visual appearance of the film that feels real, including great technology.

Because several films from the MCU have been started since 2008, so don't be confused if the number is now quite a lot. There are a total of 22 film positions that you should all watch to 'connect' with the next series. Because Marvel Studios still has an agenda for launching the latest MCU films in the next few years. So for those of you who don't want to be left behind, write the following list of the best Marvel movies!

1. Iron Man

The first list of the best Marvel movies is definitely Iron Man. It is told that a billionaire who has a smart brain named Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is developing a weapon. This weapon is made by none other than Tony's company, namely Start Industries. In the midst of a gun demonstration in Afghanistan, Tony is stolen and forced to flee. With great effort, Tony finally succeeded in creating armor that has powerful iron materials. This outfit made him recognizable as Iron Man and became a superhero.

The narrative of the Hulk character seems familiar because the film versus was first released in 2003, with a similar narrative idea. The difference is, the latest version of The Incredible Hulk changed several stories to join the MCU and changed the special actor from Eric Bana to Mark Ruffalo.

A researcher named Bruce Banner was attacked by gamma radiation which made his body different with superhuman abilities. This change is then used by several factions until Bruce attempts to escape on the run.

2. The Incredible Hulk,

The Incredible Hulk movie also includes the appearance of a new opponent, The Abomination, which makes the narrative more interesting to watch.

3. Iron man 2

List of the best Marvel movies after the second series of Iron Man. Tony Stark's follow-up story is interesting to follow because, in this film, Tony's identity as Iron Man is revealed. The pressure from the government to give him his own armor is definitely something Tony doesn't want to comply with. With a strong determination and will, he and his friends challenge the opponent named Vanko.

4. Thor 2011

In 2011, Marvel finally launched a superhero film from another world, namely the world of several gods called Asgard. Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is the son of a god who is strong but arrogant and has another bad attitude. The hammer-shaped weapon Mjolnir is Thor's uniqueness. Due to a mistake, Thor is finally kicked by the father and to earth. The following transition period makes viewers curious. You must watch!

5. Captain America: The First Avenger (2012)

The emergence of artist Chris Evans who plays Steve Rogers/Captain America further adds to the interest of the audience to follow the list of the best Marvel films from the Cinematic Universe. Coupled with the artificial transformation in Steve's body is alluring. It is told that his character, Steve, who has a small body, always fails to pass the selection of military forces during the war era. He also eventually took part in the trial of changing body forms. Unexpectedly, this trial was a success and made the full force a favorite military member. At the end of the narration, Steve had once been unconscious before last awake in the midst of the modern era, several decades after the war period ended.

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