The beauty of Ujung Batee Beach in Aceh

Netgenz - Destination  Aceh | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Aceh, namely the Enchantment of the Beauty of Ujong Batee Beach. This location is a suitable place to unwind individuals and families. And Ujong Batee Beach is a very suitable place to spend time off and unwind from daily activities.

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Here are The Enchantment of the Beauty of Ujong Batee Beach

The charm of the top destinations The beauty of Ujung Batee Beach

The charm of the top destinations The beauty of Ujung Batee Beach

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Unique Batee Beach in Aceh

Ujong Batee Beach has its own beauty and is different from other beaches. At this location, visitors will find a very calm and quiet atmosphere. This location is perfect for visitors who want a quiet and noise-free atmosphere. The serenity of the beautiful nature coupled with the beauty of the sea of the Malacca Strait makes this beach a favorite place for visitors to spend time on vacation and unwind from their daily routine. Not only that, but from this beach, visitors can also see Pulau Weh which will look like a boulder. Because this beach actually faces the island where Weh Island is said to be one with the mainland of Sumatra according to legend. Apart from these myths, the beauty given to visitors is so incredibly beautiful.


Ujong Batee also has a wide coastline. The sea breeze and the sound of the waves create an atmosphere in this natural tourist area that you and your family need to make one of your vacation lists. Plus the shady pine trees that line the beach make the atmosphere even cooler and calmer. This location is indeed very suitable for those of you who want to find natural tranquility.

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Not only that, but this location also offers its own beauty. Where on the beach you will usually find fine white sand, then this location will look different. This beach is shrouded in the beauty of black sand. The black sand combines with the cliffs that stand upright with a layer of white, making a very beautiful combination. At the top of the hill, visitors will be presented with extraordinary views. A unique panorama when the blue sky merges with the arid grasslands that cover the ridge, creating a beauty that will never be forgotten. Right at the end of this hill, there are also three ancient tombs and tombstones made of large boulders which are said to have been one of the foods eaten by Tengku in Ujong, but the historical interpretation has not been found.

The charm of the top destinations The beauty of Ujung Batee Beach

The charm of the top destinations The beauty of Ujung Batee Beach

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Community Trust with black sand

According to residents around this black sand has medical properties and is believed to be used for the treatment of various types of bone disease and paralysis. Immersing yourself with black sand up to the neck is also believed to make the body fresh. Although so far there is no medical evidence that says so, some people have felt the benefits of this therapy.

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