Synopsis Taxi Driver Episode 16 [END]

Netgenz - Synopsis | Movie Reference, Korean drama, drama reference, social media, cellphone, android, mobile program, guide, and tricks. The Korean drama played by Lee Je Hoon and Esom with the title Taxi Driver ended on scene 16 on May 29, 2021, the other day. This action-hero-type series based on the Naver webcomic with the title "Mobeomtaxi" created by Carlos and illustrator Lee Jae Jin, closes the story with a happy ending, taxi driver is recommended Korean drama, you must watch it

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Synopsis Taxi Driver Episode 16

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Synopsis Taxi Driver Episode 16

Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) locks himself in his residence in shock and sadness to know that the real killer of his mother is a psychopath named "Oh Chul Young" who has been a prisoner for a long time, not Kim Chul-jin, who has been sentenced to 20 years. year.

This was considered by Oh Chul Young himself where he explained the last sentence that Kim Do-Ki's mother said when she received the phone with her son. What broke Kim Do-Ki's heart was his mother's attempt to give her life to the psychopath, and lied to protect her son. The psychopath even wants to publish a book about his statements and actions as a criminal, as a form of self-existence. Mr. Jang Sung-Chul (Kim Eui Sung) who met him was determined to stop publishing the book.

Kim Do-Ki ends up at the funeral home where his mother's ashes are and is determined to avenge her heartache. Apparently, Mr. Jang's boss followed him along with some of his friends and was ready to help. From their investigation, it was revealed that Oh Chul Young has a son who works as a warden at the prison where he is being held.


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The son whose real name is Oh Hyun Soo changed his name to Han Donk Chan and apparently lived a life of suffering from several debts because his mother suffered from dementia and had been hospitalized for a long time in a nursing home with an enlarged bill. Kim Do-Ki met him by playing a meal at the place where he was selling. He helped him ward off loan sharks who were about to beat him. He offers funds to find his father.

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Kim Do-Ki arrived at the prison and met Oh Chul Young and gave a threat by mentioning his son's name. The psychopath immediately shrank and was ready to comply with his request to change rooms. Kang Ha-Na (Esom) talks with Kim Do-Ki. He explained to the woman that he would keep a secret about Han Donk Chan's presence until the end, to repay his hurt to Oh Chul Young, who loved and missed his son the most.

Kim Do-Ki, who met Han Donk Chan, again offered to take his mother to a facility owned by Mr. Jang's Blue Bird Foundation, which offered free fees to take care of the poor. Donk Chan was really moved and thanked him. But unfortunately, before his mother was moved, he died from falling down the stairs. His son who did not find him also confused him and searched him everywhere.

Kim Do Gii

Apparently while diverting Oh Chul Young, Han Donk Chan was brutally massacred by the psychopath, so he had to be hospitalized for four weeks and could not see his mother. An angry Mr. Jang meets Oh Chul Young and tells him that Han Donk Chan is Oh Hyun Soo, his son whom he loves and misses the most, but once again he hurt. The psychopath was in shock and regretted his actions.

Mr. Jang pays his close friend Jo Jin-Woo's grocery chief to eat eel while confessing to his actions in escaping some criminals and confining him. Certainly, his close friend was really shocked by him. Kim Do-Ki met with Kang Ha-Na and got ready to be taken into custody but the stock rejected him, because Baek Seung Mi (Cha Ji Yeon), the Evil Aunty, didn't reveal the secret of the dungeon for her own purposes either.

Kang Ha-Na intends to resign because she thinks she is guilty of releasing Kim Do-ki and the "Mobeomtaxi" case, but Jin-Woo's head of department refuses and he resigns for his close friend The crew of Mobeomtaxi joins intending to disperse. Choi Kyung Goo (Jang Hyuk-Jin) and Park Jin Eon (Bae Yoo-Ram) who have recovered, will return to their previous work. Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye-jin) will take the exam to be a civil servant (police).

One year later the case of wrongful arrest of Kim Chul Jin who was in prison for 20 years for Oh Chul Young's actions was held again. The psychopath who already regrets his actions also confesses everything, so that Chul-Jin's name can be cleared and returned to his family. Mobeomtaxi base is back to work because the criminal cases never stop, but this time they are working without breaking the law and to help police performance. Beskal Kang Ha-na also joined them.

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In fact, this drama is quite great to follow, especially some of the match episodes shown by Lee Je-Hoon. The narrative plot of each scene has a different topic, so the audience is always waiting for a certain kind.

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