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Cast extraordinary you Korean drama

Kim Hye-yoon as Eun Dan-oh (Secret and Neungsohwa)

The only daughter of a rich family who has heart disease despite repeated surgeries. After feeling strange things about him, Dan-oh finds that he and everyone around him are in the fantasy world of a fictional teenage manhwa with the title Secret (비밀, RR: bimil), where he is just a sympathetic character. His fate and that of everyone in the comic books have been predetermined by the Author. In the comic book Secret, he is engaged to Baek Kyung whom he has had a crush on for almost 10 years. He probably died due to his poor health.
Dan-oh is a former special character in one of the original Author's creations, the historical romance comic book Neungsohwa (능소花, "trumpet creeper") based on the Goryeo period. In Neungsohwa, she is Miss Eun Dan-oh, a noble girl who is engaged to Prince Baek Kyung.

Cast extraordinary you

Cast extraordinary you Korean drama

Kim Ro-Woon as Number 13 / Ha-roo (Secret), Ha-roo (Neungsohwa)

A handsome student who begins to catch Dan-oh's attention after he saves her as he tries to change his fate. He is actually an anonymous supporting character in Secret where the other characters don't know he exists. Later, Dan-oh gives him the name Ha-roo (하루, RR: Haru, "day"). He finds out that he is a character in a comic book.
He is a former special character in Neungsohwa as Ha-roo, a soldier and individual aide to Prince Baek Kyung.

Lee Jae-wook as Baek Kyung (Secret and Neungsohwa)

A rude and arrogant man, he had an abusive father and a greedy stepmother. He is a member of A3, a lineup of three of the most handsome and powerful boys in their school. He gets engaged to Dan-oh, a girl he doesn't like because of their arranged marriage. After noticing the strange behavior of Dan-oh, Ha-roo, and Do-Hwa, he begins to recognize that he is a comic book character.
He is a former special character in Neungsohwa as Prince Baek Kyung, the younger brother of King Geum Jin-mi and Miss Eun's fiancé.

Lee Na-Eun as Yeo Joo-da (Secret)

A student from a poor family but confident despite being bullied and has a good heart. She is a female-only character[a] in the comic Secret. He views Lee Do-Hwa as his guardian angel.

Jung Gun-Joo as Lee Do-Hwa (Secret)

A friendly student who has potential in music and always hides loneliness and sorrow behind his bright smile. He is the 2nd male-only character (after Nam-Joo) in Secret and a member of A3. He has a secret heart for Joo-da and is in a love triangle with A3's leader, Nam-Joo. He has a strange feeling about him after learning from Dan-oh about his existence as a comic book character.

Kim Young-dae as Oh Nam-Joo (Secret)

2nd batch of chaebols and leader of A3. He is a male-only character[a] in the manhwa Secret. He has a heart for Joo-da and is involved in a love triangle with A3 member Do-Hwa.

Lee Tae-ri as Jinmichae (Secret) / Geum Jin-mi (Neungsohwa)

The mystery school cafeteria cook who is called the Dried Squid Fairy (진미채, RR: Jinmichae Yojeong) is in awe of the female students. He seems to know more about the world of comics than anyone else. He initially played the role of King Geum Jin-mi in Neungsohwa where he began to notice his presence as a comic book character.

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Synopsis extraordinary you Korean drama favorite

Extraordinary You is a Korean drama with the topic of a high school student's love story. However, unlike general love dramas, this film presents a more innovative narrative. Viewers are led to fantasize if a character in a comic has a heart in every role noted by the author. The special characters in this film are Eun Dan O, a high school girl, and her boyfriend Ha Roo. In the Extraordinary You scenario this time, you will be taken in terms of uniqueness and way of seeing basically.

Starting from Strange Events

Initially, the narrative will be opened by a panoramic view of an elite Korean school, and Dan O who sees the school for real. He felt he had the most excellent life. There are many handsome boys around her, and she likes many boys at her school. However, some phenomena started to occur, where under certain circumstances, he would hear a sound like a book being turned over. And at that time he was in another dimension of place and time. Surprisingly, he doesn't remember what events happened in the first place, as an unconscious person. What Dan O doesn't admit is that wherever he is, there's always Nam Ju and Ju Da. Nam Ju is a boy who is famous at school, because of his good looks. Meanwhile, smart girls who can be found in elite places because they get scholarships, not because of their wealth, are always bullied.

Conscious as a Comic Figure Kom

The phenomenon that occurred made O and O consult a doctor, and read many books related to the situation he was feeling. Briefly, Dan O discovers about him who appears to be just a comic book character noted by the author. He found this from the school chef in the cafeteria who was known as Jinmiche. Dan O is a supporting actor in a comic with the title secret, where the special actors in the comic are Nam Ju and Ju Da. Meanwhile, she is just a woman whose love is unrequited with Baek Kyung, who is called Nam Ju's close friend, because Kyung likes Ju Da. Another ugly reality is, Dan O was once played as a weak woman who almost died of heart disease. His life was saved before the heart surgery which was often performed. In addition, she is betrothed to Kyung because Kyung's family wants to take advantage of Dan-O's wealth.

Face to face with Ha Roo

In addition, you can forget your memory and witness events that will occur in the future. One of the phenomena that Dan O often feels is the presence of a mysterious boy who is there and helps him when he is in danger. The presence of the mystery boy opens the desire for Dan O to be able to change his fate as an extra. However, when he meets Dan O, the mystery guy that happened in Ha Roo doesn't know him or remember the events with Dan O. And O does not remain silent, he tries to remember Haa Roo until his efforts are successful. The two eventually work together to change their lives to become special actors in comics. Not only that, their togetherness for a while made them both fall in it so that they were even more excited to change their fate.

Take advantage of different comics to meet each other

Ha Roo's presence makes the storyline in the comics start to fall apart. To fix the storyline, the author will delete Ha Roo in the secret comic. However, there is evidence that favors Dan O and Ha Roo as it seems that the two are special figures in another comic with the title flower/Bunga. The chance that Ha Roo used to try before he disappeared was still able to meet Dan O. One of them is to make notes on pictures in a book that he deliberately placed under a tree in a heap of dry leaves.

This tree will still be in other comics where there are Ha Roo and Dan O there. Even though Ha Roo disappeared in the secret comic, but because of the notes he wrote for Dan O, finally in another comic, they can meet again. But as new roles, both of them have had a similar love when they were in secret comics. Even though when you see this film you will often be confused because of the suitable storyline, but through your Extraordinary scenario, the narrative can be reached. If you like Korean romantic films that are high school teenagers, then this film is worth seeing.

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