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Netgenz - Synopsis Kdrama | If you need to watch a light and comforting film, try watching the latest Korean humor romantic film with the legitimate title Sweet and Sour on Netflix. Played by Chae Soo Bin, Jang Ki Yong, and Jung Soo Jung, or Krystal Jung, Sweet, and Sour is a couple that is often found in the real world.

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After appearing on June 4, 2021, ago, the film Sweet and Sour received a lot of praise from some viewers. starting from a story that produces, covers contains a line of young players whose acting is okay and ends with an ending with the most plot twist.

sweer and sour kdrama

Korean Drama Sweet and Sour

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Synopsis Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour's screenplay tells the story of Jung Da Eun (Chae Soo Bin), a nurse in a house in the Incheon area who meets a sick patient named Jang Hyeok (Lee Woo Je). Da Eun's kind and sweet attitude to Jang Hyeok during the treatment made the man fall in love.

Jang Hyeok's heart seemed to be reciprocated. In the end, he and Da Eun fell in love. But embarrassed by his performance, Jang Hyeok promises to go on a diet and become skinny, so that he can wear a couple of outfits with Da Eun. Viewers were also brought to watch the transformation of Jang Hyeok from fat to thin, which was then played by Jang Ki Yong.

His 2nd love affair is full of love and sweetness every day. Until one time Jang Hyeok had to be transferred by his office to Seoul. This is where Da Eun and Jang Hyepk's relationship is tested. Starting from Jang Hyeok, who from the beginning was positive by commuting from Incheon-Seoul which was far away, to work that made him overtime and went home to Da Eun.

Not to mention the arrival of Bo Young (Krystal), Jang Hyeok's most competitive rival for employee status is still in their office. The next 2 are getting closer because they often work and work overtime together. The closer Jang Hyeok is to Bo Young, the further away he is from Da Eun.

As far as the film, you will be taken to see the fabric of a couple's love from sweet to sour moments, even bitter ones. The stories are really close and often encountered, making you feel like you're witnessing the stories of a close friend or coworker with the same experience.

But what is very interesting is that the story ends with the most plot twists and is not easily predictable. At first, I saw that I personally did not guess if the ending would be the same as the one given in the film. Although in some ways there have been many clues and oddities, because of the concentration on seeing Da Eun and Jang Hyuk's love journey, things have been overlooked.

It's really recommended to guess a little and just taste the story of this Korean film Sweet and Sour. If you guess a lot, later you will not enjoy the thrill of feeling surprised by the mindblowing ending.

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You can sample the Korean film Sweet and Sour on Netflix. Don't miss seeing it. What's more, there is Jang Ki Yong who is super handsome who is the idol of several women. Not to mention the acting and visuals of Chae Soo Bin and Krystal, who didn't shower for only a few days still looking beautiful.

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