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Netgenz - Computer and Internet  | On this front panel cable there are 10 pins. The five pins on top are all even-numbered, in order from left to right numbered 2-4-6-8-10. While the pins below are all odd-numbered, the order is still the same from left to right numbered 1-3-5-7-9. To find out the arrangement of the front panel cabling see below:

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How to Install the Computer CPU Front Panel Cable (pay attention to the schematic picture)

  • 1-3 for HDD LED cable
  • 2-4 for LED POWER cable
  • 5-7 for SW. RESET cable
  • 6-8 for SW. POWER cable
  • 9 blank (no wires installed)
  • 10 has no pin

panel cpu computer

front panel CPU computer

The pins to be connected to the positive cable are pins 1,2,6,7, while the negative cable is connected to pin numbers 3,4,5,8. The only difference is pin number 5.7 which is inversely proportional to the others, other pins are from positive-negative while number 5.7 is from negative-positive. To make it easier to memorize, use an arrangement like this 1-3 = positive-negative, 2-4 = positive-negative, 5-7 = negative-positive and 6-8 = positive-negative.

From the data above, we can conclude that only pin numbers 5-7 have a different charge from the others, namely negative-positive. Everything else is positive and negative. However, for the Power SW and Reset SW cables, you usually don't need to pay attention to the positives and negatives (turning around is the same and it's okay) but it's good to still pay attention to the position of the positive and negative pins for safety. Check for other computer and laptop tutorial articles.

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