Millennials and gen x or z, what's the difference - Netizen  Buzz | Back again with admin netgenz here. Who here feels that he is not very old but also not a child at all? If you feel that way, congrats! Because you entered the Y generation, aka the millennial generation. Of course, you often hear people talk about millennials, right? Or have you been said to be a millennial by an older person? Don't be offended. In fact, it's in this era that we should be happy to be millennials.

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Millennials and Gen x or z, what's the difference

Wow, why should you be happy? So, what exactly is meant by the millennial generation, why can it be said that and is it different from the X and Z generations? Read the full explanation below, yes!

Who are millennials?

In general, those of you who are considered millennials are those who were born in 1981 - 1995. In this era, computers are just starting to explode, along with the popularity of video games, cellphones, cellphones, and the internet. However, at that time everything that was completely computerized was not what it is today, Gen Z. It is still very new, it is mentioned that the millennial generation is one of the generations that has gone through the 2nd millennium since the theory of this generation was first presented by the sociologist Karl Mannheim in 1923. through his essay entitled "The Problem if Generation."

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based on Mannheim's theory, some sociologists in the United States ultimately divide humans into several generations, namely:

The division above is measured based on the span of the year of birth. Although each has a different understanding of the general span of the year, in general, it is not that far apart.

In 2021, you, who are considered to be the millennial generation, will certainly reach the age of around 22-32 years. The point of view and character of the millennial generation can be said to be often out of the box, full of creativity, creativity, and of course, never stuttering about technology because it adapts very quickly to new technology.


Millennials want to get a job according to their passion

Besides that, usually, the millennial generation always wants something good, Gen Z. For example, in terms of work, the millennial generation always wants to be able to work according to their passion. Because, in your opinion, working by that spirit is one of the life goals that need to be fulfilled. Come on, confess, right?

Well, to make it easier to process, let's just read about the inequalities of batches X, Y, and Z in the following table.

Gen Z, that's a glimpse of the millennial generation and the difference between generations society of X and Z. Whatever generation it is, if you are educated from a young age and have good manners, you definitely don't have to worry about being placed anywhere and meeting new people. Remember, it is your attitude that will determine whether you are trusted by some people or maybe not. Be a responsible, innovative, creative individual, and do the job wholeheartedly. And, don't forget to visit the website for other interesting articles!

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