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Basics and Types of Computer Networks

Netgenz - Computer and Internet | Basically a computer network is a system consisting of two or more computers that are connected to each other through transmission media or communication media so that they can share or exchange data, applications or share computer hardware, based on the coverage area of ​​the network and the extent of the network segment. When built, a computer network can be classified into several groups or types as follows:

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LAN internet


Computer Network Type

1. PAN (Personal Area Network)

2. LAN (local area network)

3. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

4. WAN (Wide Area Network)

5. Internet

6. Wireless

LAN (Local Area Network)

Talking about LAN networks must be familiar, this one term is quite popular among students, students, and also the general public of course. There are indeed a lot of LAN networks that use it at this time, both office and educational institutions, etc., LAN Network is an abbreviation of Local Area Network, or often people out there call it a local network.

A local Area Network (LAN) can be defined as a collection of computers that are connected together in a certain area that is not so wide, for example in an office or building. LAN can also be defined based on the use of computer IP addresses on the network. A computer or host can be said to be a LAN if it has an IP address that is still in the same network address, so it does not require a router to communicate. Look at the following picture:

Broadly speaking, to be able to use a LAN network, the requirement is that a computer must have a NIC (network interface card) or also often known as a LAN Card/network card. With this LAN Card, a computer can be connected and also connected to a local network, and access information from servers and databases. The LAN card function itself is a supporter of LAN network connections such as sharing internet connections to other rooms, transferring data to several user computers for entertainment such as playing games, etc.

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Network Type Local or LAN

In general, local networks or LAN networks can be divided into two types, namely client to server and peer to peer LAN.

  • LAN Network Characteristics
  • Basically, a LAN (local area network) has the following characteristics:
  • Have a higher data center
  • Covers a narrower geographic area
  • No need for telecommunications lines leased from telecommunications operators

That's it at a glance About LAN (Local Area Network) other types of networks such as MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), and Internet, we will discuss in the next article. check for other articles about computer and laptop tutorials.

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