Laptop Can't Shutdown, How to Overcome

Netgenz - Computer and Internet | Causes of Laptops That Can't Be Turned Off? The causes are very varied, but most of them are caused by errors. For example, a virus or data is corrupt (damaged. Actually, this is a minor problem. To overcome this, restore the system or reinstall, we will discuss more details below:

Laptop Can't Shutdown, How to Overcome

When finished using the laptop, all we have to do is turn it off. As users, we must follow the procedures or steps properly and correctly, namely taking advantage of the shutdown features that have been provided.

There are only problems that arise during the shutdown process, actually, the laptop is dead when it is shut down. Whether it's a fan, and the indicator light stays on, it's a sign that the laptop is still on

This problem often occurs on Windows 10, in fact, this problem does not always appear. But I think it's very annoying.

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There are 2 ways to solve the laptop can't be shut down

The first method can be applied to Windows 7,8,10

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Control Panel
2. If so, select Hardware and Sound

3. Then, select Power Options

4. Click change settings that are currently unavailable then, under disable settings turn off Enable fast startup (recommended)

5. Finally click Save changes

6. Press Windows + R then type "Regedit" press Ok, as shown below

7. If you have selected HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

8. Then select SOFTWARE then select MICROSOFT

9. Select Windows NT then select Current Version

10. Select Winlogon search in the right column and select PowerDownAfterShutdown, as shown below

11. Click 2 times then change Value Data to 1, click ok

That was the step "how to deal with a laptop that can't be shut down, usually, a laptop that can't be shut down or turned off, there are indeed many options for how to fix it. It also has only a few effects, it depends on the error problem we get, but reinstallation is the most effective.

I hope you have been able to solve the problem of a laptop that cannot be shut down because some users have succeeded in the same way as above

That's all from me, and I hope it's useful

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