Jimin's Sweetheart dream girl

Netgenz | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Netizen News topic, which is about the trending topic about Jimin's Sweetheart and Jimin's Sweetheart dream girl.  Jimin's Sweetheart lately has been shocked by celebrities who are familiar with teenagers, especially women? Sweetheart Jimin is currently a trending topic on Twitter after being interviewed by E NOW Exclusive BTS recently. Jimin's Sweetheart is currently trending in 5 other locations. Philippines South Korea India Malaysia Saudi Arabia #JIMMIN BTS (BTS Jimin) is also a trending topic. Jimin Sweetheart has been publicly labeled as the World's Top 5 trend. Jimin Sweetheart is at no. 4 after BTS's interview with ENOW.

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Trending topic about Jimin's Sweetheart and Jimin's Sweetheart dream girl

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don't blame someone if someone has a crush on a celebrity like Jimmi. Even if it means destroying Jimin BTS. We don't blame you at all because his name is also a human born from a pair of lovers who love each other.

Even though it's so far from reality, we also dream of actually dating the sweet Jimin. Again, we won't blame you one bit. imagine waking up every day next to a cute guy like Jimin. So here's a present for you: Jimin repeatedly mentions what he wants from his dream partner. See how compatible you are with the person of his dreams.

Short people are forbidden to be pessimistic

your day has come, Since Jimin is 1.7272 meters tall, he expressed himself that he wants a woman who is shorter than him. However, being short or tall is not a deciding factor for Jimin whether he will date someone or not. So, if you are a tall person, you don't have to ignore yourself from Jimin

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Be nice

This sounds clear and it is clear that he needs a partner who is as cute as him and as cute as he is. Jimin wants someone with a kind personality & a soft heart.

Suitable personality

ARMYs know Jimin wants someone who has a similar personality to him. Back around BTS's debut, Jimin said the woman of his dreams should be "cute and quirky". Given that cute and quirky portrays Jimin's personality, it's understandable that that's what he wants from his future partner as well.

good looking

Jimin himself must be looking for a beautiful princess, remembering Jimin's face is so charming. He wants a charming partner too, anyone with no effort at all. Granted, it suits his great personality, but it's also important for Jimin to have a life partner who can think like him

no older than Jimin

Although he doesn't stop dating women who are not younger than him, Jimin prefers and likes to date women who are younger than him. He even has a hefty age limit, as he's willing to date someone nine years his junior. Women were born between 1996 and 2004.

okay everyone, in my opinion, my discussion is quite complete, thank you for visiting our blog and the article about the trending topic about Jimin's Sweetheart and Jimin's Sweetheart dream girl. Hopefully, it can be useful for Indonesian netizen readers, especially +1 netizens who are curious about Jimin and to know more about him, especially for fans, they must be curious.

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