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The wait for fans to see season 2 of Hospital Playlist medical korean drama is finally over after broadcasting scene 1 on Thursday (17/6/2021) night. Then there is a dark theory about the fate of Yoo Yeon Seok's character in this season.

Jeong Won - Hospital Playlist 2

Jeong Won - Hospital Playlist 2

Hospital Playlist

Yoo Yeon Seok plays Jeong Won aka Andrea on Hospital Playlist. In the first season we see him struggling in deciding whether he will continue to be a priest or follow his mother's advice to live life like humans in general: love and get married.

Jeong Won 

In scene 1 the love between Jeong Won and Gyeo Ul is finally shown. Something that was never in the 12 scenes of the first season last year. But apparently behind the sweetness of their episodes, hidden mystery codes about Andrea's death. Hmm...

Several questions that hung from season 1 were clearly answered in scene 1. Although it is certain that not all of them really made fans happy. Yes, the name is just a scene, right?

Hospital Playlist season 2 still presents a narrative with the same package as the first season. Between the individual life stories of some doctors are hidden several other stories from patients that will bring tears to the viewer's eyes or just warm in the chest.

What is clear is that Ik Jun, Jeong Won, Jun Wan, Seok Hyeong, and Song Hwa are still in bands like in the first season. So far this season 2 we'll get a playlist of some old songs wrapped up in a new version. is sung in each scene because the lyrics of the song there are leaks of problems ending the story of some special characters.

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Hospital Playlist 2 appears on tvN/Netflix every Thursday night.

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