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Netgenz - Economy and Business | Sign Up Now On SurveySay To Make Money Online - As long as the Internet exists, there will always be opportunities to make money from it. One of the efficient ways to make money online is by conducting surveys. But of course, you already know this. You may have looked at the site to see a discussion of Surveys, but you probably didn't plan to join the site. Well, if you want to know the real business transactions of this company, the complaints are counted, please read on, friends. Surveys Say an online survey company that pays you to complete surveys. However, this is different from the general survey of companies.

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make money online

Register Now On SurveySay To Earn Money Online is basically a website mediator that can connect you to other paid websites to conduct online surveys. The Say Survey was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, but no information about its founders has yet been found. Survey sites do their own market research by providing their own surveys to users. They sometimes (but not always) outsource 3rd faction interrogations. However, SurveySay does not do the interrogation on its own.

In essence, they found a program that can connect you to a number of survey sites. In short, SurveySay directs users to various market research companies seeking new customers who meet certain survey requirements based on certain demographic information of personal data. Keep reading this SurveySay discussion to find out what opportunities to make money online are worth your time.

Where does SurveySay work?

As mentioned earlier, Say Surveys is definitely not an ordinary survey site. The site does not conduct its own investigation and does not pay you. Once logged in, you'll see links to survey sites you may have a business with. You continue to create an account using any or all of the websites they list. This website moves you to join as many sites as possible to increase your chances of making money.

This includes some 3rd faction survey sites:

Toluna - Gift cards and checks

MySurvey - PayPal, bank transfer and gift cards

GlobalTestMarket - check and PayPal

I-Say - Bank deposits and gift cards

Outpost Ratings - PayPal and Gift cards

where am I affiliated with SurveySay?

Unite for free. You need to visit and provide him with your e-mail address, date of birth, gender and country of origin. In fact, a password is not required.

If you want to go through a mediator, you can join direct payment sites, such as and If you want to make money from home, you can watch the reference "My Tasks from Home".

can I earn with SurveySay?

How much money you make with SurveySay depends on the availability of surveys and how many affiliate sites you have registered. Once you've reached the payout level for a particular member's site that you signed up for and signed up for, you can request payment through them. But many people don't pay much.

income power

You don't often have the opportunity to make money using SurveySay. One of the steps to make money by doing online surveys. You do not have a fixed amount required to complete a survey. In general, though, you can expect to earn around $0.50 per survey. In addition, the minimum payout for cash payouts and important prizes gets you $25.00.

The best way to receive the highest number of surveys found is to join the various survey sites that work with SurveySay. You will join them in their SurveyTell them account. The more websites you follow, the better your chances of getting more surveys and getting paid. Survey invitations will be sent directly to your e-mail. Like all survey sites, it's an opportunity to earn big bucks.

You can't back down. Survey sites only give you the opportunity to earn extra money as a counterbalance to some quick and attractive survey results. Honey, making money and cashing in is sure to invite some omens. SurveySay has a lot of negative customer talk.

Many loyal consumers provide deferred payment reports. Although SurveySay users will eventually find a lot of users if it takes a few weeks to get paid. some people even wait more than a month.

There are also some loyal customers who stop being investigated as they approach payout levels. In addition, you will be screened from the survey. Get ugly again, some

A loyal customer reports that when they finally reach the point where they can be cashed out, they have reduced their income for violating the terms. Obstacles of this kind make it nearly impossible to achieve payout rates, which have been high from the start.

If SurveySay doesn't seem right for you, please visit Survey Junkie, the first survey website we referred to. It is 100% trustworthy, and we believe you will have a rich experience in this section.


  • Unite for free
  • This is part of more than 40 survey programs
  • A simple program and easy to use


  • It will take some time to reach the payout level
  • Long payment process
  • For SurveySay, there are more negatives to mention than positives
  • Lots of spamming
  • They sell your individual info to other market research companies
  • Not a reliable source of income

Legal or scam? 

SurveySay is free to join, so I can't say scam, but certainly phishing. If you choose to join SurveySay, please prepare them to sell your individual info to other market research companies. In addition, because you are affiliated with another survey website prepared by SurveySay and its partners, you will receive a lot of spam.

You'll also have to deal with low-income surveys and high payout rates, which can take a long time to complete. When you reach the payout rate ($25.00), there are always other problems that may exist. They may simply choose to stop sending you questionnaires, or randomly disqualify you as a "violator of conditions".

In addition to other occasional questions, SurveySay should have some question marks. Therefore, I personally can't refer SurveySay, but I'm not saying it's a scam. Based on how the site works and the complaints there, is something I might stay away from. Overall, this is just a mediator of other survey sites that you can follow directly. Unfortunately, some of the websites they reference are disturbing. The company is not certified by the BBB, and the owner of the website has not been found. Therefore, I all avoided Say Surveys.

If you really want to make money online, please visit and If you want to do some part-time or full-time work at home, you can check out the "My Tasks From Home" reference.

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