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Indonesian is the Indonesian nation's national language "Bahasa Indonesia", which has been strengthened in its position in the 1945 Constitution. The language used as the language of communication has a very long history of development. At first, Indonesian was different from what it is today. The history of the origin of the Indonesian language is as follows:

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Language Root

As written in history, the Indonesian language has its roots in the Malay language. Before the arrival of the Dutch to Indonesia, Malay was used as the language of communication and the language of trade between regions. After the arrival of the Dutch to Indonesia, the Dutch made Malay the second official language in correspondence with the local people.

One of the Dutch governors, namely Governor-General Roshussen, showed his interest in Malay and suggested that Malay be included as the schools' language. However, some Dutch parties objected, instead they wanted to make Dutch a compulsory subject in schools.

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Reasons for Malay to Become Indonesian

At the time of the position of the Dutch Nation, Malay had become the lingua franca (the language of association) in the archipelago. Malay itself is actually an Austronesian language which is a branch of the languages ​​of the Sundanese and Sulawesi tribes. The existence of the Malay language itself has spread from the southeast coast of Sumatra Island as the territory of the Srivijaya kingdom which controlled trade at that time, to the Malay kingdom in Jambi Province.

The Malay language began to split around the 19th century into Indonesian, which at that time was a nation of the Dutch East Indies and the Malay Association of Land which is now Malaysia. Malay is considered a simple and flexible language and can be accepted by the local community, namely the Javanese and Sundanese. This is the reason the Malay language is the origin of the Indonesian language. So that in 1927, for the first time Indonesian was used in a speech by Jahja Datoek (Datuk) Rajo. At the 1st Youth Congress in 1926, the Malay language was discoursed to be developed as an Indonesian language and literature. Read more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.

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