Genz Stories Chapter 1: A journey find new life Part 2

Genz Stories Chapter 1: A journey find new life Part 2

genz stories

Greetings with her

"Hey, where are you?" I wrote on the line

"I'm in front of the F* architecture, hurry here? I said

"Okay wait, I'm walking" he replied

"Okay, I'm wearing a plaid shirt, jeans, black shoes, an army bag, ok send location!" I said

After 10 minutes he finally came, sour I thought he was lying, it turned out to find me, ok, I and Jessica decided to go eat at the campus food court, which is a short walk from campus.

"Ok finished, where are you going?" I offered to him

"Well, take me to UM* yes, I want this to collect forms," ​​he said

"Okay, I'll take you first, but what do you take, how about walking?" I offered

"Can you take care of your body, please?" the answer

It's really far away, yes, for about 30 minutes, I walked, where else would my bag break off most of my stuff, after I took a serious walk, my walk was sweating profusely, I haven't arrived at my destination yet, I changed my mind.

"Hey, you just take a gojek, I'm tired," I said while sitting in front of the lobby of a shop.

"But I'm afraid of how to ride a motorcycle taxi," he said, this dog is a 2016 child but can't use a motorcycle taxi.

"Ah, I ordered it," I immediately ordered him to go-jek, 10 minutes later, his brother-in-law came.

"Here, mas, take this, take it to um*, I'm waiting for you at the cinema, whatever, I forgot, it's really close to the Malang square," I said.

After that I also want to order a motorcycle taxi, before I told him, I really want to watch it while waiting for tomorrow when I get home in the morning, at that time I watched Rudy Habibie's film wkwkw.

After 20 minutes I waited for him and finally, he came, I and he bought tickets, sour our schedule was at 6 pm but that's okay, after that I watched it, wow it's a good movie, I don't lose buying tickets hahaha.

After I finished watching, and should I go to the women's cosmetic shop, wakwak, I'm sorry, I'm slow, we walked again for about 5 minutes, after that I was looking for dinner which happened to be not too far from where I was watching.

"Have eaten here" I said

He immediately nodded his head meaning that he agreed, that's why we talked a lot about his experiences everywhere he took the test, how come there was no school in the last month, and finally, I taught him to use a gojek so it wouldn't be complicated.

After finishing eating, the time showed at 21.00, I told him to go home afraid it would be late at night.

"Well, let's go home first, I'm afraid to find it" I gave him the advice to go home soon.!

"Ok, I'll go home first, okay?" he just gave a sweet smile, before leaving, let's go first!

After that, my journey continued to walk to the station on foot for another 15 minutes, bro, it was getting quiet, it seemed like I was prone to robbery, at that time I saw the elders, it was really sad to collect garbage on the side of the road, so I happened to have water, so I gave it to him.

"Here, Grandpa, I'll give you water + while I'm handing over the small amount of money"

"Thank you, son, where are you going?"

"Station sir," I tell you that my train is tomorrow morning.

Then he gave directions o through here and there. I followed the directions he said, even though we could use GPS, but we respect the ethics of people who want to help us and finally arrived at the station.

At Station Railway

Until the station I couldn't sleep bro, you know why? because the station was just cleaned, aka mopped, I planned to sleep on the station sofa but it didn't happen, I finally bought coffee in front of the station and then I slept in front of the station with the taxi drivers and heroes others that I obviously don't know, it feels weird, but it doesn't matter from where I was given knowledge blah-blah I really like exchanging thoughts with other people, well at least I really want to learn what kind of people's traits, apparently not in this world too bad, I still find a lot of good people here.

I started to give something and gave something that felt really wow, at 01.00 I finally slept a lot of mosquitoes, haha then at 02.00 I tried to enter the station from the lower level and finally, I was able to sleep on the sofa, after 30 minutes I was kicked out again by the officer telling me to sleep outside sob, it's really sad, hem in ping pong like what's going on.

And finally, it was 06.00 in the morning and I went into the waiting room while sitting down and relaxing, anyway, after I finally got on the train, it was around 08.00 in the morning.

After that I was hungry again, finally, I bought another meal on the train, ok, my pocket money was only 20 thousand when I thought that, on the train, I met a male friend of the same age, I guess from Medan, he told me he was going to Jogja to Univ. Atm* J*y* wants to take accounting, it turns out that he also just took a test at u*, duh, it means the same after the test, then at several stops, finally our seats were full of the couple that I asked wanted to go on vacation to Jogja.

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