5 facts lifestyle generation z

Netgenz.com - Netizen Buzz | What year was Genz's friend born? Those who were created after 1997, according to the results of research by the Pew Research Center, are Generation Z. In each period, each generation has its own character - so does Gen Z. So, what are the unique characteristics of Gen Z?

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5 facts lifestyle generation z

1. Close to the Digital World

What did your first cellphone look like, friend? Try asking the form of the cellphone that was first owned by papa-mama, father-mother, uncle-aunt, or anyone in their generation. Find the differences - and you'll find a lot of differences!

Gen Z grew up with the 'privilege' to talk to whomever they wished, in any part of the world, at this very moment, through various options - especially online social media. Don't you become a follower of Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, and are free to fill in the comment box on his Instagram account?

Cell phones are not exclusive to Gen Z. Technological prowess is the most common part of everyday life. Because of this, Gen Z is referred to as Neo-Digital Natives (NDN) - when music files, maps, and invitations are all digital.

Gen Z life

Lifestyle Gen Z

2. Nothing is Prime

Knowing the world globally since childhood, Gen Z holds different values ​​from older generations. It's not uncommon for Gen Z to know about crime or terrorism in a city on another continent. While in the home environment itself, there are some negative things that happen.

Instead of thinking confidently, Gen Z is more of a reality. For them, there is no good measure of anything - family, work, even life. Unique and being who we are, although not perfect according to the general standards that have been grasped by the public so far, is more about visualizing what a Gen Z figure looks like.

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3. Trained with Heterogeneity

Inequality is a natural side of Gen Z's life. They are trained to meet people from different nationalities - either via the internet or on individual trips. They also have friends from various groups, they can even be transgender.

Facing diversity since childhood makes Gen Z able to accept differences better than the previous generations. For Gen Z, no particular group, race, or religion is more powerful than another - all equal.

At the same time, Gen Z's courage to be who we are also contributing to increasing heterogeneity, diversity, or cosmopolitanism. Therefore when there is a vision or condition that requires uniformity or non-freedom, Gen Z tends to have a hard time understanding it - or even not being able to accept it.

4. Get Closer to a Healthy Eating Scheme

Compared to the early generations, Gen Z often brings lunch boxes to school. Smart Friend?

In addition to food supplies which are generally healthier than snack menus, Gen Z reaps the benefits of the abundance of information at their fingertips. Also, a healthy lifestyle, exposure that leads Gen Z to be more aware of their healthy diet.

5. More Aware of Privacy Limits

Because they have been close to social media since childhood, Gen Z has good sensitivity to the digital risks they encounter. Gen Z can separate the preferred information used for digital marketing with individual information that should be kept from the public online.

In fact, Gen Z is able to create certain figures to be shown to a wider audience on their social media accounts while still maintaining an intensive relationship with their closest friends. When compared to the generation who have just used social media in their late adulthood, this ability to maintain privacy is quite captivating.

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