Definition and Functions of Harddisk

Definition and Functions of Harddisk

Definition of hard disk

Netgenz - Computer and Internet | A hard disk or HDD is a data storage device used to store and retrieve information. There are two types of hard drives, namely internal and external hard drives, both hard drives are actually the same but in a different place. For internal hard drives, namely directly from inside the computer, while external hard drives, namely hard drives, are not installed directly on the computer.

HDD function or what we often hear Hard Disk Drive is one type of storage that is very popular among computer technicians and has been used for a long time. This HDD is used to store various things files or digital content such as applications, photos, videos, images, etc., even to store and run the operating system. If the computer hard drive is damaged, then all the data stored on the hard drive will be lost.

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Harddisk Computer


Types of Hard Drives in General and Their Explanations

1. ATA/AIDE Hard Drive

ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) and AIDE (Enhanced Integrated Electronics) hard drives are the standard used for a bus connection-based interface. This type of hard drive is able to work using the PCI bus. This type of hard drive is cheap, but it requires at least two controllers to simply increase its performance.

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2. SCSI hard drive

It is recognized that many manufacturers are competing to make their goods compatible. SCSI hard drives also have several advantages that do not have ATA/AIDE. This hard drive has a very expensive price, the SCSI hard drive has very good performance compared to ATA / AIDE hard drives.

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3. Hard disk RAID

This hard drive has very strong performance and power and is good at storing various kinds of large files. This hard drive can work well when the computer is forced to drive high performance. This hard drive is used for daily personal computers, and the price of this hard drive is very low.

4. SATA hard drive

SATA hard drive (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is the latest version of the interface from the ATA series. The advantages of this hard drive can have a high speed because it has the ability to reduce latency or delay. This type of hard drive when transferring data will sort data in parallel without using a master or slave.

In general, this hard drive is installed internally, which means it is firmly attached to the CPU.

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5. SSD Hard Drive

This SSD hard drive no longer uses mechanical components it. And, this hard drive has a very fast transfer speed and the price is also very expensive compared to other hard drives, in general, hard drives on windows will have different storage types, namely MBR and | GPT.

a. MBR(Master Boot Record)

MBR is a partitioning system introduced in 1983 by IBM along with the DOS operating system and is still used today. MBR is used in conjunction with legacy BIOS firmware, the MBR partition system has drawbacks and cannot be used in the modern era like now, so a new partition system was created, namely GPT.

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b. GPT(GUID Partition Table)

GUID is a partition system for storage media on computers such as HDDs, SSDs and uses universally unique identifiers also called (GUIDs) Globally Unique identifiers as partition and storage markers.

This system is used as a standard partition for new firmware, namely UEFI BIOS replacement, and becomes a partition system that supports modern stored on the hard drive will be lost

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