Cache on a Computer and Cache Type

What is Cache on a Computer? Cache Type

Netgenz - Computer and Internet | Cache is a high-speed data storage mechanism used to store data or commands/instructions that are frequently searched for by computer users or smartphone users. The cache will display files or data that were previously accessed, so if we use the internet network because we have accessed the file before, we don't need to download the file again to display it, in other words, the computer will immediately display it. previously stored cache. The cache itself will save bandwidth usage on the network, just as Internet access on the network is noticeably faster. From the user side, it will benefit from the speed of file access, and from the network management side, it will save more bandwidth usage so that people who access new files can use the maximum bandwidth. There are 2 types of cache on a computer, namely:

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Cache Computer

Computer Cache

Cache on a Computer? Cache Type

1. Client-Side Caching

Client-Side Caching data files that are stored on the user's computer/smartphone and can be used anytime. In this case, the client-side cache we use the most and most people use is the browser cache. Browser cache itself is the most commonly used type of cache, as almost everyone uses a browser to surf the Internet daily. The "browser cache" can be found in the browser settings of the web browser application. By using browser cache, the computer can load web pages faster and save data only on the first visit. However, at some point in time, we need to clear the cache, because, over time, the cache size will get bigger and will take up space on your device.

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2. Server-Side Caching, still divided into several types again

Database cache: Web application developers usually use this type of caching to get better web performance. Some of the advantages of database cache are faster data access, lower  CPU usage, and less disk access.

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Object cache: The object cache can be used to temporarily store data on the local computer, such as images or videos in the visitor's browser.

Opcode cache: This type of cache is used to improve PHP performance. With opcode caching, PHP's performance will be better.

CDN Caching: For website owners with visitors from all over the world, using CDN caching is a good solution. Using a CDN cache, content can be displayed to visitors from nearby servers.

DNS cache: Also known as a temporary database maintained by the computer's operating system. This type of cache records the history of the IP addresses of the domains that the computer user has opened.

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