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How to Save Digital Assets and the Trusted Place to Buy Digital Assets in Indonesia

Netgenz - Economy | Hello netizen, Currently, technology is very advanced and has developed in various sectors, especially in the fields of industry and technology. We cannot describe these progress one by one. On this occasion, we will explain about digital assets or investment terms nowadays that are favored by the people of Indonesia. Let's see one by one? what are digital assets?

Crypto Marketplace

Crypto Marketplace

A Place to Save Digital Asset, the Trusted Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

Understanding Digital Assets

Understanding Digital Asset is an asset in the form of a binary file in a computer system, this asset can be seen as tangible goods that we can claim regarding ownership. Digital assets can be stored on a computer or smartphone. What makes digital assets special is their transparent and fast transaction system through the blockchain system. Simply put, blockchain is a transfer medium between the recipient's address and the sender's address online with a block and decentralized system.

What is the difference between saving digital assets and regular money? Places to save ordinary money can be done at the bank through ordinary savings, time deposits, buying shares of a company and many more. While ordinary digital assets will be stored or converted to digital currency which is usually called cryptocurrency.

About Cryptocurrency

The famous cryptocurrency and the first to be created is Bitcoin which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, this is a pseudonym because no one claims who his real name is and where the creator is now. Currently starting in April 2019 the price of 1 bitcoin is converted in rupiah worth 75 million. This price has decreased which previously in 2016 could reach a price of 200 million, which is a fantastic price. Prices have decreased in line because there are many issues regarding this, starting from various countries that oppose cryptocurrency policies as well as policies and regulations in various countries being unclear. Especially Bank Indonesia which prohibits cryptocurrency for transaction tools. Meanwhile, Japan, America and the UK strictly regulate the circulation of cryptocurrencies, including controlling exchange operators or providers of digital wallets. But 2019 marked the beginning of a change in crypto policy in Indonesia, namely futures trading regulations by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

Not only bitcoin which is considered a crypto currency, there are still many types of crypto currency created by each founder such as ethereum, dash, bitcoin cash, doge, tron ​​in full, please you can check it here on the website, digital currency has been provided and worldwide capitalization. 

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Saving the Trusted Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

So how can I have the currency? You can buy all the digital money in markets that are available around the world. Especially in Indonesia, you can buy at Indodax or you can click here. Indodax itself has existed selling cryptocurrency since May 2013 and its credibility can be trusted. The registration guide is not too complicated, you just need to attach your ID card and wait for approval from the market provider. It should be understood that investing in crypto is different from stocks. Crypto investing is a high-risk activity. Digital asset prices are very volatile and change significantly, please be wise in making investment choices and making decisions about buying and selling digital assets.

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Before you invest, learn about the digital currency assets you want to buy such as company profiles or portfolios/projects because it will be very influential in the future regarding price issues, the more projects obviously the better the value or price in the future such as ripple (XRP), Stellar lumens (XLM). Here is a review that we can share on, hopefully, it will help readers, to see tips on how to be successful in the pandemic era other than financial assets, namely motivation and tips for success in the pandemic era.

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