Blank Screen on Laptop and Computer

Solutions a Black Blank Screen Laptop Computer

Netgenz - Computer and Internet |  If it turns out that your laptop screen is black, the first step is to try connecting the laptop to a TV or projector via a VGA or HDMI cable. If the TV Laptop screen or projector can display an image, it means that it can be determined that the problem lies with the laptop LCD. If the image cannot be displayed,

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Blank Screen Laptop

Black Blank Screen Laptop

You can try the following 3 methods:

1. Try to enter safe mode After the laptop restarts, try pressing F8 repeatedly to enter safe mode. After successfully entering safe mode, let safe mode detect the problem and try to solve it yourself. After that try restarting the laptop.

2. Remove and reinstall RAM Black screen problems on laptops are sometimes caused by a loose or dirty RAM slot connection. Try to open the RAM, clean the slot, then insert it back as before. Usually, the problem can be solved immediately with just this simple solution.

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3. Try doing some BIOS research. If the first two methods don't work, you can try the next method, which is studying the BIOS. You can do some BIOS research by removing the CMOS battery and reinserting it for a few minutes.

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Common Netbook Laptop Screen Causes:

Driver Problem

There is a technical problem with your laptop's display driver The main cause of a blank laptop screen is a technical issue with the laptop's display driver. The display driver is a responsible application or software that plays an important role in displaying the results of processing information into output, one of which is your laptop screen. If your display driver is having technical issues and some errors, this will cause the laptop screen to go black and nothing to see on your laptop screen.

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Another reason for the blank screen of a laptop computer apart from technical damage to the laptop screen. This may also be caused by an incompatibility of the display driver version on the laptop, and an incompatibility with the specifications of the computer and operating system you are using. Maybe it's because your display driver version is too old, or maybe it's actually because you have installed an error display driver that doesn't match the specifications of the operating system and laptop.

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Laptop VGA Card Starting to Damage

Damage to the VGA and graphics card also plays a very important role in causing the laptop screen to turn black and cannot be used anymore. VGA and graphics card damage can be caused by improper use of the laptop or poor-quality hardware. For example, if your laptop is dropped, it will generate heat which will cause the VGA card and graphics card to burn, and other possibilities caused by improper use of the laptop. Check articles about computer and laptop tutorials.

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