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Best Solutions Windows 10 Black screen - Computer and internet | Hello friends, in this part 2 I will give 7 steps and how to overcome Black Screen Windows 10, just don't have to wait anymore, How to Overcome Windows 10 Black Screen, Best Solutions Windows 10 Black screen

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Causes of Black Screen on Windows 10

1. The Windows 10 Update Installation Process That Doesn't Work Well

know very well that automatic updates are always carried out by Windows 10 (unless Automatic Updates are turned off). Now for friends who don't turn off automatic updates on Windows 10, after the update is complete, the automatic restart process will be carried out.

Therefore, this is what usually causes a Black Screen on Windows 10. Where when the laptop is being used to its full potential, it goes through a god-level multi-tasking process, such as playing heavy games + playing music + editing videos. So when there is an automatic restart for the installation of Windows 10 updates, usually the installation process will not run well and cause a Black Screen on Windows 10.

2. Failed to process from Windows 10 fast boot system

Already know what fast booting is?… Yup, that's right, fast booting is a feature that allows you to turn on your laptop quickly. So that friends can access their needs through a laptop without having to wait for the old laptop to boot when it is just turned on.

However, it turns out that this fast boot process may fail. Because we all know that no matter how great human creations are, nothing is perfect. Therefore, the failure of the Fast boot process is one of the causes of the black screen on Windows 10.

3. Need for GPU Driver (Graphics Processing Unit) update

The next cause of the black screen that occurs on Windows 10 is the need to update the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) driver. But take it easy, the cause of this one is very rare. Therefore, friends do not need to panic and immediately download the latest version of the GPU driver.

4. Windows 10 Start-up file is corrupted

The cause of the black screen on Windows 10 on this one, is very rare. Because the damage to the Windows 10 Start-Up file is a case that occurs due to a fairly heavy virus attack. Therefore, hopefully, this one cause is not the cause of a black screen on a laptop owned by a friend.

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Black Screen Windows 10

Black Screen Windows 10

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Method 1

This first method includes the easiest and simplest way, by doing it to be able to overcome the Black Screen on a friend's laptop. Namely by accessing the Task Manager.

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to access or open the Task Manager first. Indeed, the laptop screen as a whole turns black and the cursor can be moved, therefore to access the Task Manager, you can access it via the keys on the keyboard.

Press ctrl + alt + delete on the keyboard at the same time. Next will appear 4 main options, namely: Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, and Task Manager. Then you have to choose Task Manager. When clicking Task Manager

Step 2:

After successfully entering into the Task manager, then you have to click on the File menu section, which is circled in brown in the image below. And then click on Run New Task

Step 3:

After you press Run New Task, the Run New Task dialog box will appear as shown below. Then, type the command C:\windows\explorer.exe in the open column in the dialog box as shown below. Then click OK, or press enters on your keyboard.

* Do not enter the wrong command for this section, because if it is wrong, no process will be given / will error. Or it could be even another process that will be executed.

Step 4:

After clicking OK or pressing Enter, there will be loading running and your laptop screen display will be normal as usual. It's easy?…. But if a dialog box appears and an error message appears, then you must proceed to step 5.

Step 5:

In this step, we will actually return to step no 3. After the Run New Task dialog box opens. The difference is, we will select browse and look for the explorer folder on our c data.

Step 6:

After selecting browse, a dialog box will open to select what task to run. So to make it easier to find explorer, you can select data c, then select windows, then select explorer. Then select open.

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Step 7 :

After that, you will be brought back to the dialog box, so select / just click OK or press enter on the keyboard. After that, your laptop screen display will return to normal, and the black screen can be resolved.

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Method 2: Adjust to the cause of the black screen

If you have tried the method above but the laptop still has a black screen, then you need to find out the cause of the black screen. If the main cause is the GPU drive that has not been updated for a long time, then try updating your laptop's GPU drive and installing it through safe mode.

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If the cause is a malfunction of the Windows start-up program, then the way out of your Windows must be in recovery via saving mode, or you can reinstall the laptop with another version of Windows. But remember don't use pirated ones!

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After we know the things that are likely to cause a Black Screen on Windows 10, here we will immediately jump into the Tutorial or How to Overcome a Black Screen Windows 10.!

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