Advantages and disadvantages of HDD SSD On Computer

What is SSD?

Netgenz - computer and internet | SSD has an abbreviation, namely Solid State Drive is the latest storage technology that is considered better than HDD. Better because SSDs offer the ability to read and write data faster than HDDs. This ability can be obtained because SSDs use Flash Chips for storage no longer using magnetic discs, the way they work is similar to Flash disks.

Because SSDs no longer use magnetic disks as data storage, they won't make as much noise as HDDs. In addition, SSDs also tend to be durable or not easily damaged, because usually if the SSD is dropped it will not damage the storage system in it too much. While the HDD is vulnerable to damage and corrupted data if the HDD fails.

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There are various types of SSDs on the market. There is an SD type that is shaped like a 2.5-inch HDD that has a SATA interface, there is also an SSD type with an M.2 SATA form factor that is attached to an M.2 slot.

There is also an NVMe SSD type. This type of SSD has a form factor similar to an M.2 SSD. Only NVMe SSDs utilize the PCIe interface. Therefore, in the market, there are often slots for M.2 which are used for SSDs. There are two types of this slot, namely the M.2 SATA slot which supports M.2 SSD but does not support NVMe SSD. The second is an M.2 NVMe slot that supports M.2 SSDs as well as NVMe SSDs.

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SSD does have various variations that sometimes cause confusion for many people, maybe including you. But for sure, SSD has the ability to do things at a better speed when compared to HDD. However, SSDs also have some drawbacks.

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Advantages and disadvantages of HDD SSD

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Advantages and disadvantage:

HDD Advantages:

HDD prices are more affordable than SSDs because with around 800 – 1 million you can get a 1TB HDD from a well-known brand HDD life is much longer or durable and durable compared to SSD

HDD Disadvantages:

When used, the HDD will usually make a rather noisy sound because in it there is a component in the form of a disc and it will rotate when working which of course will make a sound when used.

HDD itself is easily damaged because the components inside are sensitive to shocks. Also read: Easy Ways to Check Sentinel Harddisk

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SSD Advantages:

SSD is faster in terms of reading and writing data, for example when opening heavy programs, when transferring files, or searching for files

  • Windows boot time using SSD is faster than HDD
  • When in use, the SSD does not make a sound because the internal components only consist of a collection of memory and Flash Chip
  • SSD is much lighter than HDD
  • More energy efficient
  • More resistant to shocks or damage to the system data inside

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Disadvantages of SSD:

  • The price is much more expensive than HDD. A 120GB SSD can be sold at a price in the 600-800 thousand range. Whereas with that much money you can get a 1TB HDD
  • SSD life is much shorter than HDD because SSD read and write cycles are shorter than HDD. 

That's some understanding of the function of the hard drive, the types of hard drives, MBR and GPT. So the conclusion is that the hard drive has several types or several kinds of partitions and also have their respective uses. Actually, there are many more types of hard drives, but enough of the above understanding and hopefully useful. That's all from me, if there are mistakes in the words that are not right, I apologize profusely.

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