A journey find new life gen Z stories

Genz Stories Chapter 1: A journey find new life 

Netgenz - Genz Stories |  Okay, as I promised from the beginning, when I'm a little "free" I will write about my experience of entering and looking for the world of lectures, I will only start step by step which I think is effective and has meaning, around the middle month 6/7 I took an independent exam at a university which was said to be popular in East Java, especially if it wasn't UB, I took the independent test because I didn't get the study program I wanted before, yes, of course, I have my own reasons, we'll discuss the main problem eh just the point of the story, so that night the air was still very piercing.

A journey find new life gen Z stories

Genz Stories

Yes, because it rained every day, previously I had a dilemma between going or not, but I ventured to go to Malang where the destination and facilities were not clear because I was in a hurry in the process of buying the test form as well as the ticket but that's okay, night time 10 I am from solo (race station), the trip takes approximately 6-7 hours, from home I deliberately bring food so that the train is not good, wow, my mistake was to buy a seat in the front, so it wasn't enough, at 04.00 I arrived Malang station, indeed, the air in Malang is cool and in the morning a small drizzle started to fall and instantly made the atmosphere feel bad, besides I didn't wear a coat or umbrella, until at the station I didn't go straight out, but actually first in the waiting room of the station After 5 o'clock, and after I thought it was bright enough, I went straight out to the station at the outer gate, so from here I'm confused what to do? oh yeah, I forgot that in poor luck there is such a thing as "gojek" so I can immediately request an instant, a 10-minute journey passed I finally arrived on campus to check the condition of the room where I have to test later I happened to be on the 4th floor of the FK building, I went straight to the building, it's crazy bro the campus is good and the environment is really clean! For example, if you just sleep on the floor without a base, you might get sore skin, wow, after checking the campus, I felt like I was peeing/urinating stupidly, I immediately went to the toilet after I came out again took my bag and went in then washed my face with porcelain, eh I mean clean and clean, until outside there is a janitor who reprimands me.

"Mas I entered the wrong women's bathroom?" said the father, shit! I was really embarrassed, especially in front of the toilet, there was something like a ballroom where there were so many students discussing with each other, I looked around and looked unclear and saw the direction above, it was written "Ladies". there is no standing toilet huh -_-(think twice)

"Oh, I'm sorry, I don't know," I smirked, his father nodded, okay, the journey continues.

The trip continued so I was in Malang on Friday, while on Saturday I had a test, while Sunday morning I just got home, so I was confused about where to stay because the hotels near there were on average the money was a bit thick, I wanted to go to the homestay at all, my friends I want to offer a bed but hey, wasn't contracted with lots of reasons, why is this, wow!

Friday the first day, at first I was like a lost child, waiting for uncertainty from my friend who works in Malang, he said he wanted to be given a ride but it didn't happen, my dog ​​was confused what to do anymore, to be honest I only brought my 150,000 ATM pocket, I've run out of limits for the test there and here it doesn't end much like buying a laptop, you can buy 2 more, okay, I'm not out of my mind, the first step I faced was studying at a prayer room close to campus, so at that time I tried to review the material during high school and hopefully I can do it well Bye, people say, the difficulty level of the questions is not too difficult, which means it's not as difficult as Univ Primadona which is in Jogja, the day shows at 20.00 pm I'm confused, I'm like a lost child here, at that time actually wanted to sleep in that place too but there was a prohibition "forbidden" sleep”, so feel free if you want to sleep, ok the trip finally I decided to walk until I found a public place (bus stop) then I with k it's ridiculous to sleep there.

Saturday 08.00 I was getting ready as usual ready to go to campus, in the past, it was the army troops, bro, so the loadings were a lot, I myself was confused about going to the test wkwkw ah go ahead, at 09.00 I entered the room, this time my body didn't feel good because I was a little in the wind or something, I'm clearly not good enough but it's okay, then I was asked about the processing time of approximately 2 hours and a half, or 3 hours I forgot a little, after the test was over I was confused about what to do again, eh, before I met a chat friend on the line, coincidentally, he I also took a test, so from there I was invited to meet and I thought her name was Jessica.

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