6 Generations of society from silent to GEN Z

Netgenz - Netizen Buzz | Hello friends, You must have often heard the term X, Y, and Z generation. This term is intended to give the name of the generation born in certain years. The release of ToughtCo, naming this generation began in the 2.0th century. The term in the generation was first used by American writer Gertrude Stein.

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Stein coined the term Lost Generation or the force that disappeared in his creations. The term this generation refers to people born in the 20th century. They were citizens who participated in World War I. Besides the lost generation, there are 6 generations in today's society. The following is a list of those batches combined by netgenz from several sources from ThoughCo and Parents.

 6 generations in today's society :

1.Silent generation

Residents who entered this generation were born between the years 1925-1945. They were created during the great depression where there were many global crises. Silent generations experience many events that change the world. One of them is participating in World War II.

2.Baby boomers

Named baby boomers because there was a big birth explosion in the United States. This generation was born between 1943-1964. They have a competitive character and hard workers.

3.Generation X

Generation X are people born between 1965-1980. They were born where technology started to grow. The average generation x has parents from the baby boomers. Because of that, their characters are generally hard workers the same as their parents.

4. Generation Y or millennials

Today's citizens are generally filled with the Y generation or millennials. Those born in 1981-1994 entered the ranks of this generation, its very different gen millennials, and gen z

Generation Y was born and grew up where all change takes place. They are more aware of change and dissimilarity than their original generation.

Many millennials are labeled as happy and unstable by baby boomers. Generation Y is the successor to a nation that has a lot of power. Quite some popular startup founders arrived from batch Y, including Bukalapak and Ruangguru,idntimes, tokopedia, and more.

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5. Z Force

The generation after Y is the generation Z who was born in 1995-2010. Those born in that year are already familiar with the technology. They grow when technology has developed rapidly. It's not surprising that Generation Z is totally dependent on cellphones and the internet and different about lifestyle. they can also be called netizen generation z.

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6. Alpha Force

The newest and younger generation is the alpha generation. This generation was born after the 2010s.

Because on average this generation is still relatively young, their principles and character are not very visible. However, the alpha generation is totally dependent on the same technology as the Z generation.

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