5 Investments That Give Passive Income

5 Investments That Give Passive Income and Don't Need to Work

Netgenz - Economy | Hello netizen friends, on this occasion I will share about Investments that provide passive income and do not need to work, as we know the investment is a long-term saving that we must take in the future. ? what is inflation? quoting from a statement from Bank BI quoted as a general and continuous price increase over a certain period, for example, a simple example of a price of goods A in 2010 was sold at Rp. 800 while in 2020 item A is sold for Rp. 2000? This can happen due to various factors, which you can then read and explain directly by Coinworks.

Passive Income economic

Passive Income

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Now to deal with inflation you need to have investments in the long term I have explained from the beginning the amount of money you have has the same exchange rate in the future or future, therefore I will explain 5 Investments that will generate income and do not need to work, which may be useful for you in the future, let's just take a look at what the hell.

1. Gold / Precious Metals

Gold is an investment that is quite profitable even though the return on investment (ROI) is not hundreds of times. Although there are various types of investment, gold can still be loved and remains the choice of many investors to get profits in the future, why gold is commonly referred to as a Safe Haven term and gold is an investment whose price tends to continue to increase or rise every year and rarely declines consistently. still or significant, therefore don't be surprised that millennials and gen z collect a lot of gold which is one of their investments. 

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2. Stocks / Stock Exchange

Shares are by the Capital Market Law 8 1995, “Securities are securities, namely debt acknowledgments, commercial securities, shares, bonds, proof of debt, Participation Units in collective investment contracts, futures contracts on Securities, and any derivatives from Effect".

Shares that you own are securities that can show your share of ownership in a company that you can buy from the stock exchange. Buying shares means that you already have ownership rights to the company depending on the number of shares. Therefore, you are entitled to the company's profits in the form of dividends, at the end of the year when bookkeeping is done. Prices follow the price or intrinsic value of a company both in terms of sales and market conditions, so you must be careful in choosing, buy blue-chip stocks or stocks that continue to rise or if there is an insignificant decline, for example, BBCA, BBRI, ASII ( Astra), JSMR, UNVR (Unilever), TLKM and many others.

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3. Land / Property Assets

The land also has sufficient investment opportunities in the future so I can recommend it as a property asset, because the price of ordinary land in an area or region if the infrastructure in the future is getting better, for example in rural areas an airport will be built, over time the value of land around the airport will be built. will increase because there will be a lot of visitors in the area (population mobility increases, especially from outside the area), there is ownership of land assets that can be rented out as other people's businesses or can be driven by themselves for commercial businesses such as building hotels, restaurants, gas stations even though it can open a business in the tourism sector which is still very open, even for professional services such as the establishment of a hospital.

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4. Saving Cryptocurrencies

The famous cryptocurrency and the first to be created is Bitcoin which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, this is a pseudonym because no one claims who the creator's name is and where the creator is now. Currently starting in April 2019 the price of 1 bitcoin is converted in rupiah worth 75 million. This price has decreased, which previously in 2016 could reach a price of 200 million, really a fantastic price, a lot of millennial youths are fond of this investment, so it is worth a try to save in crypto, considering that in 2020 digital money transactions spread and rose massively, no close the possibility that in the next decade the concept of money that was originally paper can become digital. Also Read: A Place to Save Digital Assets, the Trusted Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

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5. Content Investment

I once wrote 5 Tips to Increase Income With a Simple Business Through the Internet, which you may be able to read, the point is who said the investment is related to large capital, now mobile phones can only be used as an investment tool, as described above.

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