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Netgenz.com - Computer and Internet | Initially, the BIOS did the initialization process where in the process the user could see computer details such as the amount of memory, the type and capacity of the hard disk, information about the VGA card, and so on. In addition, the BIOS performs tests on other ROM devices, such as hard drives and tests on RAM.

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After all the testing and testing on the device is complete, the next way that the BIOS needs to do is find a boot position to enter the installed operating mechanism.

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The BIOS manufacturer that we often encounter is American Megatrends Inc. (AMI). Actually, there are several BIOS manufacturers that we do not know. The following is a complete sequence regarding several types of manufacturers or suppliers that commonly make one BIOS:

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 Types of manufacturers or suppliers  BIOS :

  1. • Abit
  2. • American Megatrends
  3. • Aopen
  4. • Acer
  5. • Amptron
  6. • ASUS
  7. • ALI (Acer Laboratories)
  8. • Amstrad
  9. • Awards
  10. • AME Group
  11. • Antec
  12. • Bare-Bone
  13. • Computex
  14. • Elitegroup Computer Systems
  15. • Gateways
  16. • Expert Data (Media Expert)
  17. • Famous Technology
  18. • Gemlight
  19. • Dell Computer
  20. • FIC
  21. • IBM
  22. • Diamond Multimedia
  23. • Flex
  24. • Intel
  25. • Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
  26. • Fujitsu
  27. • Jamicon
  28. • Mylex
  29. • Partner PC
  30. • NEC
  31. • Phoenix
  32. • NCR
  33. • Pine Group
  34. • Biostar
  35. • Commate
  36. • Compaq Computers
  37. • Computer Technology
  38. • Jetways
  39. • J-Mark
  40. • Koutech
  41. • Matsonic
  42. • Micron

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BIOS or Basic Input Output System as a program that contains a group of information and composition regarding the existing devices on a computer. BIOS plays a role in controlling the boot process when the computer is turned on. In addition, the existing hardware on the computer can also be set via the BIOS to work as much as possible. Yes, until here from super z, if something is missing or wrong, sorry, if you can contact my individual contacts, so that I can revise this article, check other articles in the computer and netbook guide.

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