3 recommended best couple batik trend in 2021 for you

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Korean topic, which is about 3 recommended best couple batik trend in 2021 for you. To show your harmony, currently, batik couples are getting more and more fans. Both in casual and formal events, batik couple or known as batik marimbist is suitable as an option. Currently, couple batik itself is available in a variety of colors and patterns on the market. This can make you confused to choose the batik. Mimin will discuss how to choose and provide recommendations for the 2021 couple trend batik. What are the 2021 couple trend batik recommendations? Let's see right away.

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Here are the 3 best Batik couple trend Recommendations for 2021 for you

1. Cloud Motif Batik

Cloud Motif Batik

Cloud Motif Batik

The cloud batik motif, which is the hallmark of Cirebon batik, turns out to have its own meaning. Clouds are used as symbols to remind people to be calmer and not quick to anger, like clouds that are cooling the atmosphere. Well, this batik is with a cloud motif that doesn't have a tacky impression. You will be impressed when you wear it. This batik has a cool material and is also very comfortable to use. To make women more beautiful, she can wear the Korean hijab style like an artist named Ayana Moon. And for men, so that the batik style wants to be more perfect, they can choose a Korean artist-style haircut. That's where you will be ogled by those closest to you.

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2. Minimalist robe

Minimalist robe

Minimalist robe

This batik couple has a minimalist design. That way, when you wear both the robe and the shirt, both of you will look thinner. To give a double effect, you can also choose the maroon variant, the best answer. If you or already have a partner are hijab users and want to look slimmer in front of everyone. To make it more stylish, you can give your hijab accessories in the form of a crown or flower crown.

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3. Centipede and Bird motif batik

Centipede and Bird motif batik

Centipede and Bird motif batik

This batik comes with a combination of animal-themed motifs, namely centipedes and birds, this batik looks very exotic. Moreover, the motifs themselves are interconnected even from the right arm to the left arm so that it looks more unique. The right choice for those of you who want to be different in using batik, with unusual designs with your partner. There is another suggestion, which is to make a woman more elegant, she can wear a small Korean-style bag.

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okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog and articles about the 3 best batik couple trend recommendations for 2021 for you. Hopefully, it can be useful for Indonesian netizen readers, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about looking for trendy couple batik clothes in 2021. If you are confused about how to dress in Korean style, you can click here. For those of you who are bored with mediocre bags, you can look for Korean artist-style bag inspiration, check here. Then the full article is on our blog, please click here in Korean.

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