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Netgenz Korean drama / kdrama | Alice will broadcast the scene for the first time on August 28, 2020, on SBS. Alice itself can be one of the latest Korean drama options that some K-drama lovers can see, especially those who like sci-fi and mystical drama / kdramas. Here are 3 reasons why Alice on SBS is a Korean drama that deserves to be seen by K-Drama lovers. 

Alice Korean Drama

1. Played by Joo Won and Kim Sun Hee 

This drama / kdrama is played by artist Joo Won and artist Kim Hee Sun as special actors. The first time Joo Won was in a drama / kdrama was through the King of Baking project, Kim Takgu was an antagonist actor. The drama / kdrama ratings even reached 50%, and Joo Won's name began to be recognized by the public. Joo Won increasingly attracted the attention of the audience after becoming a drama / kdrama star Ojakgyo Family in 2011. Through the drama / kdrama, Joo Won succeeded in bringing the trophy as Best New Artist in the 2011 KBS Sinetron Awards and 2012 Baeksang Arts Awards. viewers, and the drama / kdramas he starred in always bribed success. Other drama / kdramas that Joo Won has played include My Sassy Girl (2017), Yongpal (2015), Good Doctor (2013), 7th Grade Civil Servant (2013), to Bridal Mask (2012). Through the drama / kdrama Yongpal, the artist born in 1987 even succeeded in bringing 4 trophies at the same time at the 2015 SBS Sinetron Awards. One of them was the Chinese Warganet Award, Best Couple Award, Ten Star Award, to the Daesang trophy or Grand Prize.

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Meanwhile, Joo Won's main enemy, Kim Hee Sun, is a veteran South Korean artist. Kim Hee Sun started her profession as a fashion designer after winning the Fair Face beauty contest in 1992. Kim Hee Sun's name has been known to the public since the 1900s after she became a famous TV soap star, such as Men of the Bath House (1995), Propose (1997). ), Wedding Dress (1997), to Tomato (1999). Other drama / kdramas that have been played by Kim Hee Sun are Room No. 9 (2018), The Lady in Dignity (2017), Angry Mom (2015), Wonderful Days (2014), to Faith (2012). Through the drama / kdrama Angry Mom, Kim Hee Sun successfully won the award for Best Artist at the 2015 APAN Star Awards. In addition, through Angry Mom, the artist born in 1977 won the Ten Star Award at the 2015 MBC Sinetron Awards.

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Role Play Alice kdrama

Actress Kdrama Alice

2. Have an Interesting Narrative Path with mystical sci-fi drama / kdrama categories

Synopsis Alice Kdrama

The drama / kdrama Alice tells the story of a death that separates a man and a woman forever, but they meet again like a phenomenon. Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) is a police detective who doesn't show his emotions. While investigating a mystery case, he learns that there is a time tracker. The time tracker arrived in the present through the portal that Alice mentioned. Park Jin Gyeom is also trying to contain some negative things from the portal. In that effort, Jin Gyeom meets Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) again. Yoon Tae Yi really looks like Jin Gyeom's mother, and he passed away in the past period. At that time, Jin Gyeom believed their face-to-face was fate. Tae Yi is a genius physicist, and he holds the key to time tracking. While trying to uncover the secret of the time tracker with Jin Gyeom, Tae Yi finds out who he really is. This drama / kdrama is directed by Baek Soo Chan, the filmmaker behind the drama / kdramas Into the World Again (2017), Beautiful Gong Shim (2016), A Girl Who Sees Smells (2015), to Dream (2009). He worked together with document writer Kim Kyu Won.

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3. Jo Won's first drama / kdrama finished military service

Alice is Joo Won's first come-back drama / kdrama after he completed his mandatory military service on February 5, 2019 yesterday. Of course, this makes the audience more curious about what kind of transformation will be displayed by the artist in this drama / kdrama. "I chose this project because it sounds happy, I like the personality, and I have a good relationship with the director. I really want to show the results to viewers as soon as possible," Joo Won said at a journalists' meeting, as taken by Soompi. Joo Won talked about how he acted because his personality lacked emotion. "I had to visualize a lot of soft emotions, so the director concentrated a lot on my face. As he grew older, Jin Gyeom became more flexible, easier to work with, and understood emotions better because of the few people around him." Joo Won added, "I really concentrated on how far this character can express emotions," he said. so that's just 3 interesting things about kdrama alice that must be seen in this trailer!

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