3 Facts about Sorake Beach in North Sumatra, Indonesia for you

Netgenz - Destinations North Sumatra | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of North Sumatra, namely 3 Facts about Sorake Beach in North Sumatra, Indonesia for you. Natural attractions themselves are a suitable place to spend vacation time and unwind from daily activities, especially for someone who doesn't like crowds, this place is perfect for him. Read more, Aceh Province itself is no less interesting than North Sumatra, also read Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Aceh, Indonesia. And more about the Top 5 Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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These are 3 Facts about Sorake Beach in North Sumatra, Indonesia for you

1. Awesome Waves

Awesome Waves

Awesome Waves

Sorake Beach is a beach located in the South Nias district, precisely in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Sorake Beach itself, the beach adjacent to Lagundri Beach is known as a paradise for world surfers. Even Sorake Beach itself is widely dubbed the second-best surfing spot in the world after Hawaii. Because the waves are so strong and very suitable for surfing, big waves on this beach do not happen by themselves or without cause. However, the position of the beach adjacent to the ocean makes this beach has an unusual wave character. The height of the waves can reach 5 meters, roll up intact before finally breaking on the shoreline. Many visitors from local and non-local visit this beach, especially surfers.

2. Access and Accommodation

Access and Accommodation

Access and Accommodation

There are two options if you want to visit Sorake Beach. The first is by air. This route is the most recommended and most visitors also use the air route because it only takes about 55 minutes to fly from Kualanamu Airport to Binaka Gunung Sitoli Airport, Nias. Then the journey continues by public transportation with a travel time of about 4 hours.

While the second option is the land route. You can take a bus whose route starts from Medan to Sibolga with a one-night trip. Then proceed to cross the sea using a ferry which also takes one night.

Regarding facilities, Sorake Beach itself is guaranteed and very complete. You also don't have to bother looking for lodging because there are several inns and hotels around the beach. There is also a restaurant that provides a variety of seafood menus with spices typical of the Nias district.

3. Surf Contest

Surf Contest

Surf Contest

Many local and non-local visitors come to Sorake Beach in June or July. The reason is, in that month the waves are quite high. Surfing is held both nationally and internationally. The waves are high and strong, not inferior to those in Hawaii. Everyone who loves surfing or watching surfing contests will definitely come in June or July. And on this beach, surfing competitions or contests are often held, precisely in June or July, for those of you who are surfers or who like it, you must come to Sorake Beach.

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