3 Best Recommendations for Korean Dramas with Beauty Nuances

Netgenz - Drama Korea | Hello, my friends, on this occasion we will discuss topics about Korean, namely the preparation of 3 Best Recommendations for Korean Dramas with Beauty Nuances. The specialty of beauty is a picture that describes the luck of someone who lives with a beautiful or handsome appearance since birth. Beauty privileges greatly affect the lives of one of them in South Korea. South Korea has very high and specific beauty standards. Therefore, many people there decide to get plastic surgery to get a standard appearance in South Korea. To raise this issue, what are the Korean dramas with beauty nuances? Come on, let's see!

Here are 3 Korean Drama Recommendations with the Best Beauty Nuances

1. Korean Drama Oh My Venus (2015)

Korean Drama Oh My Venus (2015)

Korean Drama Oh My Venus (2015)

Actor Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, he turns out to have bad memories of the past. Meanwhile, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) is someone who used to be a beautiful, slim, and sexy girl. However, now he had turned fat. He also has to break up with his girlfriend, Im Woo Shik (Jung Gyu Woon) because his girlfriend is more interested in Oh Soo Jin (Yoo In Young) who has a grudge against Joo Eun. Joo Eun finally meets Young Ho and hopes to return to performing as usual. Unknowingly, the two of them heal each other's emotional wounds and then fall in love, the story goes. If you want to live stream Korean dramas, you can look for inspiration on the internet

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2. Korean Drama She Was Pretty (2015)

Korean Drama She Was Pretty (2015)

Korean Drama She Was Pretty (2015)

Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) as a child was a fat person and was considered ugly. He has a close friend of a beautiful and popular girl named Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). One day, Sung Joon moved to America and returned to South Korea after 15 years with a changed appearance, from fat to handsome man. He arranges a meeting to meet with Hye Jin. However, Hye Jin doesn't want to show herself because her appearance is not as beautiful as when she was a child. Although Hye Jin tried to avoid, fate brought them together with prayer. Mimin suggests after you see this Korean drama, it's less fun if you don't see Korean dramas like the Korean drama taxi driver. I'm sure it's a good drama.

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3. Korean Drama Birth of Beauty (2014)

Korean Drama Birth of Beauty (2014)

Korean Drama Birth of Beauty (2014)

Birth of the Beauty tells the story of Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Sook) who has a fat body and is treated like a maid by her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The husband, Lee Kang Joon (Joong Gyu Woon) turns out to be having an affair with the famous emcee, Gyo Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye), and wants to divorce her husband. Sa Geum Ran had an accident due to driving in a depressed state and was presumed dead. Sa Geum Ran who is actually still alive asks Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) to do plastic surgery for his face. The operation went smoothly without any problems, Sa Geum Ran has now changed her beautiful name to Sara (Han Ye Seul). Sara wants to get her husband back. However, in her struggle, Sara discovers the unexpected behind her accident. when you watch this drama series, it seems less exciting if you don't watch Korean drama series with horror nuances. You can search the internet a lot, if you're confused, I'll put it below.

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Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And an article about the 3 Best Korean Drama Recommendations with Beauty Nuances. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizens +1 who are confused about looking for nuanced Korean dramas. Also, for those who are confused about looking for Korean dramas for recommendations. and also for those of you who are confused about finding free Korean drama sites streaming. Furthermore, for the full article on our blog, please click Korean.

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