Top 4 Korean Shoes That are Often Used by Korean Artists

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Korean topic, which is about Top 4 Korean Shoes That are Often Used by Korean Artists. Now Kpop is worldwide and also influences fashion styles. One item that stands out is that it is styled like a Korean artist like a shoe. If you wear these shoes, they are very suitable to wear. What shoes do Korean artists have?

Here are 4 Korean shoes that are often worn by celebrities:

1. Sneakers With Bright Colors

Korean Shoes That are Often Used by Korean Artists

Sneakers With Bright Colors

Everyone at least must have sneakers with bright color motifs. For example, like Converse or something similar to Converse. These types of shoes do have iconic designs and simple silhouettes, so they can be worn in any style and have a timeless design. For Kpop style, you can choose the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars shoe model, which has many color variations. And you can also choose a different color from the clothes you wear. So that you can style the style of a Kpop star. Guaranteed .. your appearance will look cool like a Kpop star. These shoes are also suitable for wearing Korean Hijab.

2. All-white Sneakers

All-white Sneakers

Korean Sneakers

White sneakers are suitable for use with any clothes. If you want to look like Korean artists, you have to choose sneakers with the material and type you like, both leather and canvas. What you need to remember is that the color of the sneakers must be plain white. Like, the Nike Air Force 1 Low which has a style like a shoe basket, Adidas Stan Smith looks slim when worn, The fantastic thing is that Lee Sun Bin (Korean Artists) has been the brand ambassador of "fila", check out this video.

3. Basketball Shoes Are Perfect For Korean Style

Basketball Shoes Are Perfect For Korean Style

Basketball Shoes Are Perfect For Korean Style

The design of this basketball shoe does look sporty with colorful varicose patterns, such as sports shoes. Not only that, but basketball shoes are also very comfortable to use because they have very soft pads to protect your feet. So, do not be surprised if these basketball shoes are being sought after because they are collected and used by many people, even basketball shoes have influenced the style of clothing of Kpop Artists. Use these basketball shoes with various color patterns as a fashion statement for the appearance of a Kpop Artist. You can also choose the classic basketball shoe style or the newest version. You can use basketball shoes with jeans or sportswear to give a relaxed impression.

4. And finally, Dr. boots. Martens

Korean Boots Dr. Boots Martens

Korean Boots Dr. Boots Martens

These boots are also synonymous with punk and grunge kids. However, did you know that Kpop Artists also wear these boots to match their style of dress? One of them is the boots issued by Dr. Martens. These boots are typical of Dr. Martens, which have a tall, eye-closing design, even the yellow stitching can add a masculine impression for those of you who want to be Korean artist-style, these shoes can be combined with jeans that are rolled out to form the entire shoe. And also these shoes are very suitable when wearing a heavy top like a sweater. Do you guys already have the shoes that Mimin discussed? very match if you have a cut hairstyle Korean model.

okay everyone, in my opinion, my discussion is quite complete, thank you for visiting our blog and the article about the Top 4 Korean Shoes That are Often Used by Korean Artists. Hopefully, this can be useful for readers of Indonesian netizens, especially for netizens who are confused about looking for shoes that make your style look like Korean artists. If you are confused about how to dress in Korean style, you can click here. And also those who are confused about looking for Korean-style bags can check here. Furthermore, for the full article on our blog, please click Korean.

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