Top 4 Korean Films With Disaster Nuances Make You Tense

Netgenz - Korean Drama | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Korean topic, which is about Top 4 Korean Films With Disaster Nuances Make You Tense. Korea is indeed famous for its films about the romantic genre. However, Korean films also present various genres that make the audience tense, such as thriller, action, and horror genres. Many of the genre choices have been reduced because it can be an adrenaline rush for someone who sees it. There are even those who make the film an emotional therapy. Some of these films also take on the theme of disasters, with the aim of not only getting a picture of a very tense atmosphere. When a disaster occurs, people will feel uncontrollable anxiety and panic. There are even strange events that are sometimes unpredictable. Well, if you like tense movies, just take a look at the following.

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Here are 4 Top Korean Movies with Disaster Shades that Make You Tense

1. The Flu Film

the Flu Film

the Flu Film

The film The Flu tells the story of a disease outbreak from a group of illegal immigrants. They've passed on a deadly virus and brought down many people. Knowing the bad effects, the government is also promoting quarantine for people who are indicated to have contracted the virus. Meanwhile, there is a firefighter and a doctor who wants to try to find an antidote for the virus.

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2. Ashfall Film

Ashfall Film

Ashfall Film

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This Ashfall film is about the disaster caused by the eruption of Bakdu, the highest mountain in South Korea. To prevent this disaster, so that it does not erupt, a team consisting of explosives experts in South Korea was formed. Namely, North Korean officials and well-known geologists are very knowledgeable about this geology. This film features Bae Suzy who plays Choi Ji-Young. Come on, hurry up and see it in this film too, making Mimin tense when he sees this Ashfall film.

3. The film Haeundae or Tidal Wave

The film Haeundae or Tidal Wave

The film Haeundae or Tidal Wave

This film was released in 2009, Haeundae is also called the first Korean film with the theme of natural disasters. The film Haeundae tells the story of a person who survives when the Tsunami occurs at Haeundae beach. This film also shows many scenes that will make the audience become spectators and gripping. And also, the success of this film with various awards from the Blue Dragon Film Award and also the Daejong Film Award.

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4. Tower Movies

Tower Movies

Tower Movies

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And for the last one, there is the film The Tower which tells the story of a man who wants to save his family from this disaster. At that instant, his family was in a building called Tower Sky which was being hit by a fire. The people inside the building asked for help and tried to survive. This film was released in 2012 starring Son Ye-Jin and Kim Sang-Kyung.

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