Tips Youtube To Increase Views and More Subscriber

Netgenz - Tips Internet | Did you know that the number of unique visitors on Youtube has now reached almost 1 billion per month for every uploaded video? Starting from video covers, fashion, technological innovation, etc., all levels of society have felt these benefits. YouTube is a great place to show off your skills, as many people here want to learn via video. In addition, for bloggers, the platform can be used to expand the reach of readers. Use this social media giant to attract lots of traffic to your blog. For this, you need more subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

8 Steps Increase Youtube Views and Subscribers with Naturally

Tips Youtube To Increase Views and More Subscriber

How to Increase Youtube Views and Subscribers

1. First, use TubeBuddy

This tool can be installed as a browser extension. How to use it is very easy. When you enter the Youtube channel, after clicking on the Tubebuddy icon, a quick link will appear in the form of "My Videos", "Comments", "Messages", "Subscribers" and a research tool called "Tag Explorer". To rate videos, you can "help" tag people's videos. You just have to enter keywords and click "Explore". All videos with higher ratings will be displayed with their tag. From there you can copy the desired label, Why do you need a YouTube recording? Because of this tool, it is easier for us to create, edit and upload videos via mobile devices anytime, anywhere (as long as there is an Internet connection). Of course, as a result, your channel will often be filled with video updates on your mobile device which you carry daily.

2. Upload Content regularly and on schedule

The main reason someone pressed the "Subscribe" button is that they appreciate the hard work of the channel owner and want to know what new videos will be made in the future. The key here is to maintain consistency in publishing videos in a timely, repeatable, and structured manner. It could be once a week, or at least once or twice a month. Follow your schedule. Don't upload videos like a driver is chasing money. Your channel's reputation is under threat. Publish the video on a schedule and be prepared to watch the material.

3. Creative video titles

This is the most important aspect of being successful on YouTube. Uniqueness plays an important role in the good reputation of your channel. Keeping the video title should stimulate people's curiosity. But don't forget to include SEO elements.

Here are some youtube tips for optimizing headlines:

  • Use Google Adwords to determine what people are looking for online and find clear ideas about your niche.
  • Choose keywords with a large search volume but low competitors.
  • Limit the length of your YouTube video title to no more than 50 characters.
  • Must be descriptive.
  • If your target audience is from a search engine, enter the word "video" in the title, even if a search on Youtube will not return any results.
  • Keep titles in a "catchy" position between keywords and content to help achieve better conversions.

4. Image And Thumbnails

Thumbnail the function is almost the same as the title that grabs the viewer's attention through the cover image of the video. I'm sure YouTubers agree with this. Don't leave thumbnails in the video, such as unpackaged food. Create custom thumbnails for each video you upload. Of course, this is related to your video content. If necessary, add some "catchy" description to the thumbnail. It is believed that this method can increase visitor clicks. YouTube provides three thumbnail options in three intervals. Choose the video that best describes your video.

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5. Optimize your Video description

Now, we move on to the SEO aspect of YouTube videos. The description of the video can make it easier for search engines to find the video. Besides that, it can also briefly introduce the content contained in the video to the audience.

Don't display too long or too deep descriptions because when the video loads, only the first few lines will appear. Keep it short but clear. To optimize for SEO, use keywords wisely and carefully. Keep it natural and authentic. Connect with people who link to your website and they know your video is one of the people they are looking for.

6. Attract Viewers with your intro and outro

How important are the intro and ending? Oh, this is important. For people you don't know, an introduction and a close is the opening or closing video of the main video content, which contains brief information about your channel. This can be text animation, GIF image format, etc. Youtube intros and Outros will not only help with brand promotion, but they will also make your videos more entertaining. For me, the introduction and the ending are channel images packaged in a short video format. Because the duration is too short (up to 10 seconds), the introduction is easy for the audience to remember. There are many ways to make a great opening video for your YouTube channel. Through online sites or with special software.

7. Target the first 1000 customers

Regardless of the method used, a super aggressive strategy must be followed to attract the first 500 or 1000 customers as quickly as possible. Maximize your channel (not blindly). Channels that get subscribed quickly will help you stay motivated, work harder, and make better videos for your viewers.

Share your video with your friends, if you are interested, ask them to become your subscribers. But remember, do it naturally. Don't be too frequent or annoying. Create personal pages on various social media platforms. Connect with your friends or followers so they can learn about your Youtube channel. If interested, ask them to become customers.

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8. Optimize metadata/meta tags for youtube

Using Meta Tags Powerfully Use Google Keyword Planner to get tips on relevant keywords for YouTube videos. Add relevant keywords so that they can be found on Google and YouTube search engines. Remember, too many keywords can be tricky. We recommend doing some research on YouTube video meta tags to get a better understanding. Metadata plays an important role in your videos, so it will appear in search results and allow viewers to decide which videos they find valuable.

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