Tips Quickly Index Google Blog Articles

Netgenz - Tips Blog | Hello friends, previously I have made a post learn simple SEO  on this occasion, allow us to share tips and ways, namely about Online Blog Learning Blogger Tutorials, In the world of blogs we must pay attention to our blog articles and ensure that our long-written articles can be indexed properly on Google, now on This time, I want to give you an easy way to index our blog articles so that they are on the search engine. The goal is clear, the more our articles are indexed on Google Search, getting organic traffic, the possibility of approving Google Adsense will be easier.

How to Quickly Index Google Blog Articles

How to Quickly Index Google Blog Articles

How to Quickly Index Google Blog Articles

How to Quickly Index Google Blog Articles


  • Okay, here is how to index blog articles, of course, we have to go to the google webmaster first, the link is here.
  • After that, enter which blogger id and password are linked in your email, after that don't forget to add the blog property first, the goal is to inform you that the blogger belongs to you (domain property) and is verified.
  • After that, you enter into the index (sitemap), after which the google webmaster display will appear from your blog.
  • After a display like this appears in the new sitemap URL input section from your blogger, please enter the script below (Sitemap Map for Google Webmasters), there are 3 important points that you must enter so that Google can easily crawl your articles:

Google Webmaster Index Script

feeds / posts / default? orderby = UPDATED


atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500

So, if your blog article is above 500, you can use a sitemap code like this and submit it to the google webmaster:

Google Webmaster Index Script Over 500 Articles







meaning page = 1 article can be indexed and accommodated as much as accommodating as many as 150 articles then if you have 15000 waw because bloggers have been ancient you can index articles by using page = 1 to page = 100. Mathematical count 150x100 = 15,000

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