Themes Content is Suitable for Bloggers Part 2

Themes Content is Suitable for beginner bloggers

NetgenzTips Blog | Hello, I want to continue posting about how to make a good and unique blog, okay before entering the theme, the first thing we have to do is determine the content or topic that we will discuss our blog.

Yes, personal theme/niche or "do-it-yourself" theme anyway, in the next post I will review it too because writing this blog theme must be very long, typing on a cellphone makes hands cramped oath. What content is good so that it is quickly approved by Google Adsense to get advertising? Why does always fail, bro, what's wrong with me? Basically, all the content or niche is good, I keep writing it for a long time, ok, we're getting into the discussion quite seriously, it could be that your blog/website enters YMYL, so it is very strict once selected by Google to become an official publisher or be accepted by GA. What is YMYL's website or blog? The acronym is actually "Your Money Your Life", but M here is not just money or money according to Google. According to Google, any blog or website, especially content that can affect a person's health, happiness, security, or financial (financial) stability, is a YMYL type blog/website. For example, your website offers stock tips, how to care for children (mommy parenting), Diagnosing diseases based on symptoms or health niches, including YMYL, would be a little more difficult to approve GA when you submission, yes you can, but the chances are not that big, that's why the author who studied dentistry and could be considered a little more knowledgeable in the health sector, the blog is blogging, although a lot of it is about IT.

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Content is Suitable for Bloggers Newbie

Themes Content is Suitable for Bloggers Part 2

Details is a web or blog categorized by Google as YMYL

OK, here's the information listed by Google:

Shopping or financial transaction website: a web that allows users to make purchases, transfer money, paying bills, etc. Online (such as online shops and online banking pages).

Financial information website: a web page that provides advice or information on investing, taxes, retirement planning, buying a home, paying for college, buying insurance, etc.

Medical health information website: a web page that provides advice or information about health, medications, certain diseases or conditions, mental health, nutrition, etc.

Legal information websites: web pages that provide legal advice or information on topics such as divorce, child custody, making wills, becoming a citizen.

News websites or public/official information pages essential to having informed citizens: a web page that includes information about local / state / national government processes, policies, people, and laws, disaster response services; government programs and social services; news on important topics such as international events, business, politics, science, and technology; etc. Please use your judgment and knowledge of your place. It should be noted that not all news articles are considered YMYL.

Others: there are many other topics that you can consider for YMYL, such as child adoption, car safety information, etc., the most important of which is the medical issue that Google raises.

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Medical in the spotlight of Google

According to the author, the era of internet openness makes it easier for readers to obtain the desired information, so that medical malpractice, ignorance of medical information, low knowledge of everyone on the internet can admit to being anyone even though many claims to be a doctor, consultant, etc. and this is one of the reasons for Google to tighten up in the medical field, have you never applied for Adsense and the results were rejected with a "Low Content Value" notice, maybe the information you provide is lacking, and Google can judge the quality of the content.

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