Synopsis of Korean Drama True Beauty Complete True Beauty

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Synopsis of Korean Drama True Beauty Complete True Beauty

Rilis : Desember 2020
Negara :Korea Selatan
Bahasa :Korea
Sutradara :Kim Sang-hyub
Penulis :Lee Si-eun, Yaongyi (webcomic)
Pemeran :Mun Ka-young, Hwang In-yeop, Cha Eun-woo, Oh Eui-sik, Park Ho-san
Network :tvN

Synopsis Drama Korea True Beauty:

A woman named I'm Joo-Kyeong (Mun Ka-young) is a high school student who always hides her face, Joo Kyeong always wears makeup. Joo Kyeong's extraordinary makeup skills make him look beautiful and hide his ugly face from others. Dai is associated with two handsome men, Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo) and Seo-Joon (Hwang In-Yeop).

True Beauty, taken from the comic webtoon series, has been read 4 million times and is popular in various countries (even in Europe and the United States). The popularity of this webcomic version makes True Beauty the most anticipated TV series of 2020. This beautiful Korean TV series about self-love tells the story of a high school student, Lim Joo Kyung (Lim Joo Kyung), who is often bullied because of his face full of pimples. . Joo Kyung then studied very diligently and diligently on how to apply makeup through the YouTube channel. When changing schools, she covered her pimples with makeup and managed to become a beautiful and popular student. However, one day, two male students discover that she is in love with her real face. This drama will ultimately give people a moral message to let them love themselves and how to accept their flaws.

As time went by, Jukyung tried his best to try to chat with his friends, but they didn't want to be in any relationship with Jukyung. On the other hand, Jukyung listens to rock music, which prompts the other students to keep pestering him, calling him dumplings. Jukyung even fulfilled their duties and brought them food. Outside, a cafeteria staff named Hyunbin came to listen to Jukyung's music and liked his taste in classic rock music. This interaction caused Jukyung to like him immediately and asked his friends if he wanted him to go. Come on, what's the next story? you can watch the Streaming Korean Drama True Beauty 2020 link here:

Link Streaming Korean Drama True Beauty

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