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Korean drama with the A Love So Beautiful

Netgenz - Korean drama with the title A Love So Beautiful as a drama from South Korea which was remade from the 2017 Chinese Series with a similar title. This drama started launching Monday, December 28, 2020, based on Kakao TV and Netflix.

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Release Date A Love So Beautiful

This romantic and humorous drama site is planned to appear every Monday and Thursday at 17.00 South Korean time for Kakao Tv while on Netflix it will appear at 19.00 South Korean Time. This drama site consists of 24 scenes with 20 minutes for each scene.

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A Love So Beautiful was recorded by Jung Yoo Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung and directed by Search engine optimization Min Jung. And played by Kim Yo Han (Cha Hun), So Joo Yun (Shin Sol Yi), Yeo Hoe Hyun (Woo Dae Sung), Jo Hye Joo (Kang Ha Young), and Jung Jin Hwang.

A Love So Beautiful korean drama

Role A Love So Beautiful

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Synopsis A Love So Beautiful

This drama site tells the story of a high school student named Shin Sol Yi who liked his childhood colleague of 17 years named Cha Hun. Shin Sol Yi has a bright and passionate character, this contrasts with Cha Hun's character who has everything like his good looks and intelligence. He always looks cold but has a warm heart, it's a shame he doesn't really know how to express his heart. Even though Cha Hun has a cold nature, Shin Sol Yi doesn't give up easily to win Cha Hun's heart. He often expressed his heart directly whenever there was a chance, to Cha Hun even though he was often rejected.

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But suddenly a transfer student named Woo Dae Sung is a swimming sportsman, who apparently has a feeling for Shin Sol Yi. They also participate in the love triangle. The day for the day ended, Shin Sol Yi and Woo Dae Sung grew closer and often spent time together. Witnessing this, Cha Hun began to feel disturbed by their relationship. It turns out that he begins to sympathize with Shin Sol Yi.

Then who will Shin Sol Yi choose? Will he choose Cha Hun who he has loved for 17 years? Or did he even choose Woo Dae Sung, a transfer student? To find out more, continue to watch A Love So Beautiful based on your love.

Trailer A Love So Beautiful Korean Drama

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